27 November 2010

Little Bit of Art and some other stuff....

Beach Time

Purple Glittery Fish
Chunky Page
I was cleaning in the deskroom and found this chunky, which I don't even remember making, back behind the cabinet that the scanner sits on. It's dated back in June so that might explain my lack of remembering it!

Sunrise Blues

York Man

Alphabet Bird

John's Doe
Drawn from a photograph my brother's game cam captured.

Morning Coffee

Ol' Blue Eyes

On The Freeway

Orange Bird

Red Bird George

Red Boots

Red Hat Bird

Spots of Pink

Whimsical Blue Bird

Among the Wind Turbines

Going Places

Phil Bird

Pink Legs


I've not been around to show you all any art cause I've basically not done any art for awhile! My muse decided to take the winter off I guess!
There is a Bird-a-thon going on over at AFA this weekend and I thought I could perhaps catch up with the 365 Project while participating in the BAT as well. Kill two birds with one stone so to speak! LOL I crack myself up sometimes!

I was going to have a give away when I hit post 300 but we surpassed post 300 so no give away, sorry.
All is well in my world. No news is good news.

I went to Nickerson to see my son and his little family but did I take ONE photograph while I was there? No. I did not. What the devil was I thinking??? I apparently wasn't thinking!
The kids are growing like little weeds.

Saw the other son and his little family last night. Had the camera with me then too and do you think I have pictures to prove it? No. I do not!
Sometimes I'm not on top of things.

I do have some other pictures (besides art) to show you all.

The Cow Neighbors in the field just north of the house.

Phillips County Kansas

Phillips County Kansas

Fred wasn't happy cause I told him he didn't get to go with Sam and I.
He always pouts when he doesn't get to go for a ride.

Robert's Dairy Truck that I was behind on my trip to Nickerson. It says:
Cown't on it!

RJ and Terah in the shoe department in Wally World in Hutchinson.

Wilson Lake

Another view of Wilson Lake taken from the lookout point high above the lake.

Just west of Waldo, Kansas on Hwy 18.

The Mad Hatter's Wife. Terah's Halloween costume.

RJ, The Mad Hatter...he didn't have a costume for Halloween.

Another view of Wilson Lake from the lookout point.

RJ and Lil A in her Fall Witch Costume for Halloween.

All smiles of a early morning!

Driving down the road.

Hwy 18, somewhere between Russell turn off and Luray.

Brenton in his Halloween costume....Count Brenton!

Lil A searching for Mama and Papa in the shoe department at Wally World.
Canada Geese on the State Lake.

Best picture of Fred I've ever taken!

My man collection, part of it anyway. Someone needs to dust that shelf!

Sunrise out the backdoor!

My art weapons of choice!

On the home stretch!

RW at the BI in Pburg.

Solomon River Bridge on 20 road, looking east.

Solomon River Bridge on 20 Road, looking west.

He's a good photo subject!

The cow neighbors again.

Fred in the freezing drizzle before sunrise. The dots in the picture are the flash reflecting off the stuff falling from the sky. It looked so cool when the flash went off...like a million diamonds suspended in the air!

Fred riding shotgun on 20 Road. He usually gets into the back seat about this spot on the road cause up ahead the road narrows and he doesn't trust my driving through that spot.

View of Stockton from the State Lake Road.

Wilson Lake Dam, early morning, heavy fog, freezing drizzle.

Coming around the curve to the Dam at Wilson Lake.

Another view of Stockton from 20 Road. The green is winter wheat.

Another shot of winter wheat! One of my most favorite colors of all of them!

Frosty morning on Hwy 14 in Ellsworth County.

Fred in the back seat of the van out at the State Lake.

I hope all is well with all of you and that you have enjoyed my little photo essay!
Be good to one another!
It matters!
Get your hugs and give a few as well.
Don't forget to flash everyone your brighest smile! It makes them wonder why you're so happy and why they can't be as well!
Make it a good one!
Peace, my friends!

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