10 March 2011

Winter Reared Her Ugly Head, I Made ART

Hello Readers!
My old body is still in rebel mode, working at a snail's pace. I'm sure I'll survive though. I've not much energy when it comes to moving about on my legs but sitting at my desk is doable. Winter has gripped us again. Snowed about three inches the day before yesterday. The snow was all gone when I got up yesterday. it is still quite cold out though and my old body doesn't like the cold.

Enjoy the fruits of my creative harvests.

I discovered Zines awhile back and have made another one! I think this is number 7. There will be more zines in the coming weeks. I am working on a book using the instant book concept for the pages needed for a sewn book of the alphabet. The letters are all drawn out, just need to finish coloring them and make a cover for the book and sew it together! I love making little books!
And technically....zines are little books!

This one is the Smile Zine! Markers on orchard paper. I did a no-no with this one and almost did it in! You see that gap up the middle of the lower center? I trimmed the pages. Don't do that! Fold it carefully the first time so your pages match up! I very well could have cut the pages right apart! This one is just quotes and drawings.
Home Is Where Your Heart Lives
aka Heart's Home.
Collage on orchard paper adhered to thick chipboard from a box that originally held stationary. 4x6 inches. I drew the green trees in marker on the orchard paper. The green strip at the bottom is part of an envelope an ATC trade came in. The house is two different greeting cards that ATC trades came in. The door is security envelope paper. I wrote the text on scrap paper and cut it out. The hearts are velvet christmas ribbon made with a punch. I sealed it with acrylic varnish so everything would stay put.

Old Gregg
markers on cardstock
I had never heard of Old Gregg till yesterday when I was searching the Active ATC Swap threads over at AFA. I watched the YouTube link provided. Old Gregg apparently inspired me .... zombies aren't really my
'thing' but I must admit, the video I watched of Old Gregg was pretty funny in spots! This is probably the only Old Gregg drawing I will ever do though.

Looks like I was in the land of 'strange fellows' yesterday.....
Charlie Samples, Captain
markers on cardstock
I surf the net when the muse is awake, looking for inspiration. I look at a great many pictures of a great many things on a daily basis. I type a word into google images and thousands of pictures emerge. I do not recall which word I had typed into google images when I came across a collage made from an antique photograph. The artist had put a pirates hat on the gentleman. My pirate looks very little like the gentleman in the antique photo, but I kinda like how he turned out. I named him Charlie Samples because, for some unknown reason he reminded me of Charlie Samples. Charlie has been dead for a few years now, I'm sure. He was an old man who lived in the nursing home where I worked back in the early 80s. I always liked Charlie. And I've no idea why he popped into my head when it came time to give this drawing a title.

There appears to have been strange girls there as well....
Bovina Goes Island Girl
markers on cardstock
Searching google images again with this one. I ended up at a picture of a painting done in the 1840s by an Englishman in Morroco. I forget who that Englishman was or who the lady in the painting is. Doesn't matter. .My bovine-looking girl looks little like the lovely lady in the painting. Their poses are where the resemblence ends. I figure the more ugly people I draw, the sooner those people won't be quite so ugly. Practice. Practice. Practice.
Smoking in the Green Room
markers on cardstock
I was, once again, surfing the net when I came across an ad from the 1920s on a site for something or another. I get lost on those surfing travels! She inspired me though.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Most of my drawings are done with the help of photographs. I have to have something to look at to draw things that are recognizable. I can draw without visual aids, but the drawings done with them are so much better.
Cheers Drink Recipe Zine
Orchard paper with markers.
The drinks were all found with google images. I have plans to do a few more zines in this size of more drink recipes. Then I'll sew them all together into a little book. Recipes were found on the internet as well. I've not tried any of them so I can't vouch for their goodness.
Pink Flower Frog
drawing for a book cover
markers on chipboard
The chipboard this frog is drawn on started out life as a gift box. Gift boxes make great art material for a lot of reasons. The best reason though is that they are usually stark white on at least one side. The perfect medium for a marker drawing! This guy was found on a surfing expedition. I was at some site selling something or another....I want to say they were selling art supplies, but I may be wrong on that. It was the frog that caught my eye! My frog looks little like theirs other than the pose he's taken. The flower is mine...came right out of my head, no visual aids needed! This drawing is already glued to a checker board cut to 4x6 inches. The drawing is a tad smaller than that so there's a black border around it on the book cover. I'll be sewing this book together in an hour or so.
I have two books that need sewn together....even more than that if you count the notepads still needed for that endeavor. Sewing books is on my agenda.

I shall return another day with more art!
Oh, to lead the life of Riley...er....Fred.
Be good to one another!
I leave you with a picture.

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