14 November 2013

Halloween, Some Fantastical Critters and My Furry Housemates

Hello Readers!
As you all know I was away for a few days at my son's house. I've been home now for five days now and just getting around to making a post. Not really a whole lot to show this go around. But here's the low down!

I spent Halloween with my grandkids. Yep, I went trick or treating! I stole leaves off a tree in a stranger's yard to do some crafting with. That crafting has yet to commence.....
We spent the day before the big night making Brenton's pacman costume. We being my dil, Terah, me and RJ, my son. It's made from corregated plastic. I made it into a sandwich sign with some elastic strips that are sewn to the corregated cardboard that we spray painted yellow. There are straps at the boy's waist also to help in keeping it steady in the brisk wind he was dealing with while out gathering goodies.

Brenton's sister Annie was a sweet little witch on Halloween. Her mama did a fantastic job her makeup!
Halloween night was a fun affair for me!

I finished up this yellow embroidered ball before the trip south. I wanted to have it with me for the craft sale. I still have it and all the other embroidered balls I took with me. 
The craft sale was somewhat of a bust. I was disappointed in the sales. Our booth looked great! I'm sorry it didn't dawn on me to take some pictures of it. Terah sold some homemade goodies and I sold a few ooak goodies. I came out about 35 dollars ahead. I was hoping for way more but it didn't stop me from giving it another go when opportunity comes a'knockin'!

I made this basket the day before I came home. I took a bunch of stuff to work on for the trip away from home. I should have left a couple of those bags at home, cause I never even opened them!

While Annie made pictures on her chalkboard easel, I drew pictures with my markers.
Red Owl

Purple Violet

Purple Owl

Pink Owl

Red Poppies

Red Owl

Orange Asters

Green Owl

I went home the day after the owls and flowers were all drawn. I just unpacked them this afternoon to photograph them.

I've been playing with paint at the kitchen table so I decided to give the turkey canvas a goat of gesso and ink in the drawing.
I made a batch of homemade gesso the night before last. White glue and cornstarch mixed to the consistency you're happy with! Put it in a glue bottle and use it as you would gesso. It dries an opaque white. Look closely and you'll see pencil lines under the final marker drawing. Those pencil lines are under the homemade gesso.

At the moment there are glitter pictures in the works. I used the homemade gesso as the adhesive. I have no clue if that will be a success or not.

I can't remember if I'm working on fp9 or fp10. At any rate I am working on a fish picture. You saw it in the last post. 

I made this fearful mermaid to adhere to it. Someone is bound to fall in love with her, yes???? I screwed up when the muse kept yelling, "Paint her green! Paint her green!" For three days I listened to the muse....questioning if that was a good idea. I dove right in...painted the whole of her flesh showing, sparkly green with fabric paint. I hated it. I peeled off that paint from her torso and arms with no trouble at all. Her head however is made from a different material than her torso and arms and that green sparkly paint had adhered to her face and would not come loose. So I once again followed the muse's noise and repainted her torso and arms. Then I added some fins on her forearms. That only made it worse. Her face was horrendous with Barbie's features peeking out the sparkly green. So I let the muse dictate what came next. For a day mulled over what to do with her face. The muse said, "She's a fish, give her some yellow eyes! Fingernail polish will do the trick."  She has gray nailpolish under that yellow in her eyes. Her lips are a dark brown sparkly nailpolish color. None of it works if you ask me! Her hair is held up in its do with sewing thread and glue. I started out sewing the seed beads in her hair and opted to go the easy route and glue in the majority of them.
On her own, she scares me! LOL 

She'll end up sitting atop that big green braid towards the left hand side of the canvas. I'm thinking some E6000 should hold her on nicely.  I still haven't relocated the red fishes I saw on a shelf somewhere after I came home from my son's house. 
While I was away at the son's house, my mother cleaned the house spotless and rearranged a few things in my cutting room and the storage room. She built me some more shelves for those rooms. All an improvement, but now things are where I can't find some of them. Those fishes are one of them! I saw the little devils somewhere, but damned if I can remember where! I just haven't looked in the right place yet. This fish picture will be finished soon! 

Tippy. She's the ornery one of the bunch. She delights in attacking me from behind when I come out the hallway into the livingroom. She wraps her front legs around one of my legs at knee level and hangs on for a few steps. Never with claws out! She does the same thing to Fred when the pair of them are getting along. If Fred is snappy, she keeps her distance. 

I showed you all a picture of this cat doing the same thing she's doing in this picture the last post. I cannot keep her from doing this. I turn my back and there's Murray helping herself to the paint water. It isn't like there aren't TWO bowls of fresh water available to her. 

Lola came out from under the sofa and stuck her tongue out at me. She's the old lady of the bunch. She's four, maybe five years old.  I hadn't seen her all night last night. I thought I heard a cat meowing during the time I was asleep but I didn't really get up to see if it was so or not. When I did wake up for the day I went in the closet to find me a shirt to wear and there's fat cat Lola inside the closet. She had herself a right fine sleep on my extra bed covers and made a right fine mess of some things on the floor. Used to be she could worm her way UNDER the door to escape the closet. She cannot do that any longer. I hope she has learned her lesson about staying out of the closet when the door is open. I don't like the cats in the closet. That's my space, not theirs! I can do nothing about the other two getting into the closet cause they can worm their way under the door. Thankfully they don't decide to take naps in there.

Murray wants outside. Fred is just tired. He's so showing his age these days. 

I made some metal embellishments today. Not sure what's to become of them....magnets, maybe. Might put them on book covers. I'll show them to you in the next post. 

Until then.....
remember to be good to one another
it matters


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soulbrush said...

Love seeing the sweet kids and of course your owls too. Been a tough week for me with Snuffs, so am sending your dear pets all a super kiss from London.