30 June 2014

Art and some other ramblings

hELLO rEaders!

Forgot I had the caps lock on.....
Been awhile since I was here and there is lots to show today so get a cuppa something and settle in for the long haul.
We had a storm last weekend. On the night of the 14th.
It got nasty.

Trees snapped. Things flew through the air. My van got buried under the broken trees in the front yard.
There are big dents on the top and back end of the van and this lovely broken windshield too. That brown stuff all over the window is sawdust from the cleanup.

Looks a bit better after the cleanup but all the morning shade from the trees is gone. It's a bit bare out there now. That highwire pole in the middle of the picture is right in front of the house there. When I talk about the burnt house, that's the house I'm talking about. My yard light is on that pole and now there is no darkness on the front porch at night. I liked the darkness on the porch. That light shines right on the front door of the house now. Some would say that is a good thing. I agree somewhat but I really did love the darkness. I could go out and star gaze on the porch but now that isn't so easy with all the light.

I mainly put the previous two pictures here so I could see them side by side. This is the view to the north off my front porch. The top picture was taken on the 11th, before the storm, and the bottom one on the 15th. I'm not sure exactly what is planted in that field. I think it is soybeans. Though it may be milo. I haven't actually walked out there to take a good look to see the plants upclose. 
I thought some of the trees in the tree line on the other side of that field had been damaged in the storm also but they look about the same in both pictures. 

Insurance didn't cover the van nor any of the clean up of the fallen limbs. The van wasn't covered cause it has nothing to do with the house and the limbs weren't covered because they didn't fall on anything that was covered on the insurance for the house. The check to cover the skirting and siding on my house came the other day from the insurance company, so it wasn't a complete loss. I can still drive my van....till they tell me I can't with that windshield like it is!
I really enjoyed talking to the adjuster. He was a nice man.

It is storm season, so storms are to be expected. 

Now onto the art.

I made some little bags out of metal mesh lint traps and other doodads.
This one is my favorite of the two. I made it second. It has acrylic smokey colored beads on black ribbon hanging around the opening and the bottom. It has a plastic button closure.

I think I showed you all this first one in the last post. It's been so long, I'm not really sure. I revamped it a bit from what it originally looked like. I did away with the closure all together on this one. I like it much better now.

It has two fishing swivels to hold the ball chain handle and more ball chains along the bottom. The other one also has ball chain fringe along the bottom but it's put on differently than this one.
I'm in the process of making more felted balls. Another green ball has been added to these two since the picture was taken. These still need their felt covers and some prettying up with a bit of embroidery.

I really like all the dots on this ball, but this thing took twice as long as any other ball in this post to embroider.

None of these, nor the green ones above, have a rattle in them. They're just recycled balls. 

You all have seen this ball previously in another post sometime back. I added more embroidery to it. It has a rattle.

Baskets have been on the radar. This blue one is made from macrame cord with blue cotton yarn crocheted over it to for the coiled basket. This basket is about 9 inches across.

This little white basket is made with the same macrame cord but it is sewn into a coiled basket with pastel colored nylon string. This basket is about 3.5 inches across.

Another crocheted coiled basket. This one made with brown nylon cording for the core and crewel yarn crocheted around the cord.

This one is made with the same macrame cord as the other two and this one has red acrylic yarn crocheted into it. It is about 7 inches across.

I spent a couple days working on some bowls. here they are on the front porch railing drying in the sun for a few hours.

And a day later, we have finished bowls.

They are made of paper pulp and painted with regular old wall paint in three different shades. They look like they're made out of stone.

I made another needle felted bird. His beak is a bit too long, but he's a cute little fella. He's about three inches tall.

Next post will have more felted animals.

I dragged out the paints with all intentions of doing a lot of painting one day. This is all that the muse would allow. Altered envelope painted with watercolors. I still need to paint the backside of this one.

People save things for me. One of the things they save is toilet paper rolls. I have about 300 of them by my guesstimation. I've never counted them so it really is only a guess but I have  more tp rolls than I know what to do with!
I found these fishes made out of tp rolls one day while trolling youtube. 

I painted them with acrylics before covering them with glitter.

Then the when the glitter dried, I added more glitter to their fins and tails.

And when the second layer of glitter had dried I put scales and eyes and gills on the fishes with puff paint.

This dark pink one is my favorite.

The blue one and this red one are headed to new homes as soon as I stuff them in an envelope and take them to the post office tomorrow.

This yellow one is my least favorite. I put jump rings in the nose of the two I traded but I think the others will end up as magnets.

An experiment. I crocheted a little ball and stuffed it with plastic strips from a bread sack. The experiment was to see just how easy that would be and whether it would work as I had planned. It's a cat toy.

And last but not least, I'm working on a project with the pastel colored string I talked about earlier with the little white basket. Not sure just what this will be....I'm shooting for a bag of some sort. Might take years.....

You all be good to one another!
Thanks for stopping by!


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