06 January 2015

Here We Go Again! Happy New Year!

Hello Readers!

Happy New Year to everyone! 

As usual, my hands have not been idle! Let's take a look at what Donna's been up to, shall we?

I told you all about the origami books I made at the end of the year and forgot to take a picture of....well here's one of them.

This is the same one as in the picture above. I really did make two of them but damned if I know what became of the other one. It's nowhere to be seen on this desk where I found the one in the pictures. This one has both brown and white paper in it. The other one has only white paper. I made this one out of a 4lb paper sugar bag and a flyer that came with my last order from AS&S. There are two layers of paper to a sugar bag. I thought there would be enough brown paper to make the entire book, but it turned out that wasn't the case. This book is 1.5x1.75 inches with 10 pages. 
It's nothing special really, just a cute little book. I'll find the other one one of these days! Unless one of the felines has carried it off. It was made with the same red flyer as the one pictured but it has copy paper pages instead of paper from a sugar bag. 

I finished the clothespin snowflake ornament. Better late than never, I guess! It needs another coat of glitter and a coat of varnish before I can call it done. This is pretty large; about 7 inches across.

Someone over at the Altered Envie thread on AFA (link is up there on the sidebar) posted the tutorial to make dollar bill hearts. I cut sheet music to the same size and made these four. I still have a few more to fold before I use up all the sheets cut to size. 

I finished a couple of wool balls since the last post.

This is the one I showed you all in the last post. 

I added a lot of thread to it since then.

I didn't completely cover it, but I did hide all those sloppy seams from sewing the wool cover on with embroidery thread.

It turned out great! I'm very pleased with this one.

And I did another one as well.

Just random lines of chain stitch going willy nilly all over the ball.

I still have three naked balls, needing their wool covers and one ready to be embroidered. I've decided I need to make 52 of these things this year. I'm going to visit my eldest son for a couple weeks beginning next and will take enough raw material with me to make more of these balls while I'm there.  So you have fair warning that embroidered balls will feature heavily in the next few posts.

I have no clue what possessed me to sit here in front of this computer for two days cutting maps into circles. This stack is about 3 inches tall. The rounds are 2 5/8 inches. I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet. 
This morning I got up at 6:30, made coffee and was sitting in front of the computer watching Coronation Street and cutting out about three dozen 1.5 inch circles from chipboard. No picture of those. I do know what I'm going to do with those, thankfully. I acquired some more pistachio shells! Stay tuned for that endeavor! It will be a few weeks before I commence with that. Sometime after I get back home from my son's house.

This looks complicated, but it's very easy! A paper origami spiral. Here's the tutorial. I made mine out of colored writing paper. I hung it from the ceiling in my desk room.

I still haven't put the Christmas tree away.

Good thing, too. I got a new ornament today in the mail.

Last month Nanner was my envie partner and sent her a few things in our trade. She felt as though she hadn't sent enough in the trade. I loved the Day of the Dead Skull ornament she sent me. It's hanging from the ceiling in my desk room too! She loved all the goodies I sent her so she made me something else to add to that trade. Isn't it adorable? It's made from a plastic wine glass! The little tree inside has teeny tiny lights on it! I just LOVE it!  

In five days I will be kidnapped. I'm going to my eldest son's house for a few weeks while his wife goes to Alaska to help her friend out after she has surgery. I would love to go to Alaska! She will have the time of her life. I'll be looking after the children; getting them off to school and cooking for them while my son is at work. And while they are at school I will sit in the playroom, ignoring son's Father-in law while I do my own thing. Fred will be kidnapped as well. The cats are on their own while I'm gone. Ma will come down and take care of them and probably give my house a thorough cleaning while I'm away. 

I won't be able to make a post while I'm down at son's house cause I don't know how to do that from the tablet. Not even sure it can be done from the tablet....so might be awhile before I can do so.

Until next time......
be good to one another!
It matters!

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A Mynah Production said...

Love that lil red book!

Interesting Surplus site you shared.

You have great balls! ROFLMAO!!!

Map cirles....maybe place them back to back and sew down the middle with a machine for a garland. You can bend the pieces forward a bit for shape?