11 February 2015

We're off and running into February!

Hello Readers!

Well, I've been home now for a week and one day. I've done a lot more than you'll see in this post today.
Somethings have to be kept secret for the time being. Weirdy is on his way to California and I can't unveil him until he arrives. And Valentines cannot be shown off until after Valentine's Day! It's OK!!! Really! I'm sure there will be other things to see until then.

I've turned my days and nights around since coming home from my son's house. Sleep all day, up all night! Nothing else to do but keep the hands busy. 

I wasn't quite done with baskets when I came home from my kidnapping a week ago. I made this one last Thursday.

It's about 7 inches across and 5 inches tall. Made out of plastic twisted ribbon. I didn't bother to untwist the ribbon so it's more like rope than ribbon. I sewed the basket together with synthetic raffia using a large eyed needle that the raffia would fit through.

And when I finished the previous basket I started on this one. It's made from the same twisted ribbon as the other one but it is sewn with purple/white cotton nubby yarn and green acrylic yarn.

The purple/white yarn was a bear to work with! Not sure what possessed me to think I could sew with it....I gave up on it after having snapped it in two more times than I care to remember! The first yarn I laid eyes on was a wad of this green yarn laying on the table beside my desk. This basket is about 4 inches across and 5 inches tall. I'm guessing, I didn't actually measure it.

This pair of drapes have been hanging on the side of this shelf in my livingroom for the lasts three months or so. I decided early this morning that they HAD TO GO! They hail from the 1960s. They are not pretty as drapes.

Not pretty.

I turned them into yarn to crochet a rag rug.

OK. I only turned one of the drapes into balls of yarn for now. The other is slated the same fate though. 

Bonus is that the drapes were lined too! 
I got two balls out the lining and two balls out of the front fabric. If that rug is to materialize, I may have to go rummaging through the closet and locate that other set of drapes in there. I'm not sure these two drapes will be enough yarn for a rag rug but I'm determined to find out!

By the time I go to bed tomorrow I should have four more balls of drapery yarn to add to the rug I've already started crocheting. Sorry no picture of that yet. I downloaded the pictures in this post from my phone and then remembered the beginnings of the rag rug. Next post you'll get to see the rag rug....who knows, it might even be a finished rug!

Bonus from tearing up the drapes were all these long tangled strings of cotton and linen that will become components on the fish picture I started yesterday.
No pictures of it yet either. Same thing as with the rag rug. I forgot about it until just now. 
I think that cloud of senility has been following me around today.

A couple of those fishes I showed you in the last post that were drawn on brown paper got painted. Only one of them is worth showing off.

This is the fish picture I left sitting on the work table in the kitchen while I was gone at my son's house. It's a terrible picture. I apologize for that! It was like 3 in the morning when I took this picture! I should have taken it off the wall and took it to the other room to take its picture. 

When I got home I finished the fish. He's drawn on cardstock, painted with purple fingernail polish and then covered with tiny glass beads on his body and glitter on his fins. The yellow and blue on his body is also fingernail polish.

This is fish picture #13. I have never made a black fish picture and it was imminent that I do that. When it invades your sleep, it's time to take action!

This is one of the fish from the last post. I painted it with liquid acrylics, a paint pen and some black and white fingernail polish in his eye.

I got to play with my new acrylic inks while working on this one. I painted the plastic beads and buttons with it for this picture. I also splashed some on the green fabric rosettes, along with black and silver also.
I really like this fish picture.

The new one is not really talking to me right now. It's laying on my washing machine, drying at the moment. After I get some sleep I'll revisit it and see what the muse thinks. 

I'm in hopes the muse will agree that these will make wonderful seaweed and such for the newest fish picture considering I sat through three episodes of Forensic Files this morning crocheting them!

I can't show you all of the little books I've made since the last post. Some of them are surprises. You'll get to see them soon. All of these little books are in a chocolate box that once held a grand total of four chocolates! They are tiny.

I made the jump rings by wrapping wire around one of my Bic markers. Each little book has roughly 20 pages and has a leather cover that will eventually get a jump ring fastened on with a bead. The little books are functional. You can write in them if you can write that small! 

Here's a sneak peek at the Valentines. I made 15 of them, sent 12 of them off in the mail this morning.

I've been busy as usual! Keeps me out of trouble. Though sometimes I think a bit of trouble might do me some good! It's been quite some time since I've been bad.  The reason for that is because, even though some trouble would be welcome...little trouble, nothing major....I just don't have the energy it requires to escape the trouble!~ 
Guess I'll just keep busy and not try to find trouble!

Behave yourselves! And remember....
Be good to one another!
It matters!


Janina Claywoman said...

I love seeing all of your projects, those tiny books fascinate me!! I've given up looking for trouble, ART is so much easier!! :)

A Mynah Production said...

Love the books!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow wow wow! So much awesome texture going on there! Love your fishes!

Artkeyologist said...

Wow! So inspiring! You have not only made me drool at your creations but have made me take a second look at a few things i've set aside. Thanks for the eyecandy!