09 April 2015

Books, Doll

Hello Readers!

I have been a tad under the weather the last few days so there's not a whole lot to show in the art department. I went to see the doctor today to find out what the heck was wrong with me. I have pneumonia. It isn't conducive to productivity but it was caught in the early stages so I shall live. Though yesterday I was certain I was on my way out. 

There is evidence of that in this, my latest coptic sewn book. I made these two postcards back in 2010. Both are magazine images on cardstock, decorated on both sides of each. I put 5 signatures of 5 sheets of copy paper for the pages, sewn together with teal colored embroidery thread. 6x4 inches. There's really not much creativity in cutting paper and sewing. I have the paper cut and holes punched, ready to go for another book just like this one. 

I played with the acrylic inks and gold marker on thin chipboard. It's 7 x7 inches.

I cut some more paper for some more postcard books from postcards made way back when. And I sat in front of the computer one evening, watching something or another...it escapes me at the moment...drawing up the zentangle peeking from beneath the paper. I do believe that bird zen will end up on the cover of a book as well.

Little white haired girls are multiplying at the kitchen table. I made this little leather clad lady a couple nights ago when I was cooking some supper. She's made just like the fairies from a few posts back. Glass vial, copper wire, leather, curly doll hair, a big plastic bead for her head.  She has no wings.
Fairy making parts are still on the table so more of these little girls will probably appear in the future.

I have a cat curled on the top of my desk between me and the keyboard. Typing is a chore when your arms are pinned down with a furry body.

I have sewn the shrimp cocktail book together again. And once again, I've sewn the back cover on backwards AND upside down this time! I believe third time will be the charm on this one! We shall see.

I leave you with Miss Lola and the soybean field out north of the house.

Be good to one another!
it matters!

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A Mynah Production said...

Even under the weather, you are running circles around me! Take care dearest!