08 February 2008

Welcome to Creation-A-Day

The purpose of this blog is show off my artwork and perhaps some writing as well. I won't only be putting artwork and writings here though. Creations take the form of many things that have absolutely nothing to do with art or writing. Example: I created mackerel patties for supper the day before yesterday.
I've created a gift basket today for my son. The gift basket isn't for him, it's for his girlfriend. She likes presents and beings it is their 2nd anniversary of being together, I helped the boy out with his gift giving.
Everyone knows that 2nd anniversaries are the YELLOW anniversary, right? NO? Hmmm...Well, it is! According to my boy anyway! Any anniversary with a 2 in it is a YELLOW anniversary. Remember that!

The girl's yellow present consists of a bunch of yellow things! A BUNCH!!!!
bottle of lemon juice (it looks a tad out of place in that green bottle it came in)
bottle of mustard
yellow hugging monkey
bag of lemon heads candy
eight snack size butterfinger candy bars
tiny yellow tape dispenser
tiny yellow highlighter pen
bag of lemon drop candies
yellow coffee mug
yellow cereal bowl
2 litre bottle of Mountain Dew (it looks a tad out of place in that green bottle too)
2-1 litre bottles of yellow (mango flavored) vitamin water
big yellow towel
little winnie the pooh figurine
spray of BRIGHT yellow silk flowers
Mr. Goodbar candy bar
5 packs Juicy Fruit Gum
can of yellow silly string
1957 yellow Thunderbird Convertible matchbox car
bottle of heet for her car
sticky snap hand
big yellow car washing sponge
yellow candle
package of Starburst candies
pack of peeps candy
small bag of peanut M&Ms
new yellow toothbrush
yellow bottle of soap bubbles
peanut candy bar
jar of carmex lip balm
yellow package of hot cocoa

And all of those things are housed in a large plastic tote. When they get home afterwhile, she will find that tote in their room with a vase of real flowers (miniature yellow roses and pale yellow mums) sitting atop that tote in the middle of the floor. Should be a good surprise!

Now I'll show you my latest art endeavor...

Creating ATCs is my main artsy thing these days. I discovered ATCs back in mid-November last year and have become addicted! Since mid-November I have created well over 200 ATCs. I have traded roughly half of them. There is not any point in showing those that have been traded or showing you others already made and ready to trade. I'll start with the last one I made, which was yesterday, and go from there. If this blog takes off and I feel as though I have a readership, I will perhaps add some of the older ones here on days when no ATCs get made.
Well, OK! I thought the picture would embed where the text left off...I'll have to play with the image dealies.
The ATC at the top of this post is a small bar of soap (like you would get from staying in a hotel) carved with an exacto knife, a small screw driver and a large darning needle, then it was painted with fingernail polish and glued to a sheet of watercolor paper painted with orange acrylic paint. The scan does not give the true color of the orange paint. It is much more vivid than it appears here.
That's all for today. Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend and please come again! You never know what might be found here!

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Smerdyakov said...

Ok, I'm an idiot. I read "I created mackerel patties for supper" as "I created mackerel paNties for supper".
I have problems