05 March 2008

Nor will you know WHEN you will find it!

My eyeballs have gone buggy. We need LARGE font.
The art bug has certainly bitten me hard! I am still busy as a little chipmunk gathering fodder for the winter stores. I can't wait for spring to arrive! I want to get out of this house much more than I have been during this long winter. I miss trips to the lake with the dog. My yard is in dire need of some major work! There will be smoke in the air before too long when Ron and Justin, hopefully Rich as well, burn off the brush on these three acres of land his mother and I share.
Some of it is solely hers and some of it solely mine. We adjadcent to one another with no visible divinding lines.
People in town confuse my sister and I all the time. The co-op delivered me $350 worth of propane a few weeks ago and it should have gone next door in my sister's tank, not mine! It isn't only that we live next door to one another that confuses them. They swear up and down we look alike as well. They just aren't paying attention is all I can figure. My brown versus her red hair and the fact that I am much larger than she, they aren't paying attention!
Brenton came home from kindergarden this afternoon to find only me here. He couldn't get the front door open when he and Fred (dog) came to the door. I let him in. He doesn't usually have a lot to say to me and I not a lot to say to him. We like each other quite fine. He burst into tears after he had taken off his coat and thrown his bookbag on the sofa. I asked what was wrong and he said "I lost my ........" I hadn't a clue what the boy was talking about. So I asked, "You've lost your what?" "Frog!" he says quite distinctly. I knew just which frog he was referring to! An origami frog I had made for him about three weeks ago one morning. He loved that frog. I asked him about the frog cause I hadn't seen since the morning I handed it to him as I told him to have a good day at school. He told me he liked to play with it on the bus. He had little tears running down his cheeks...I promised him this evening before I went to town that I would have another one ready for him before he left for school in the morning. He wants a blue one! That will be the extent of my creativity today if it gets done before midnight.
I don't generally count days like everyone else does though. I keep a sleep log. Faithfully I write it down every single day. It's very important to me to know the sleep pattern. It is very erratic. I count days from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. I guess that's really neither here nor there though.
To be quite honest, I totally fogot about this blog. I was going through my favorites tonight and this one was next on the list. Took me four tries to get my login information right! lol
Now that I know it's here still, I'll try to check it more than once a month or more!
Ain't a soul gonna read this till someone stumbles upon this blog and goes back in the archives just to see what a crazy woman had to say at the beginning!
Howdy! Glad you stopped in!
My mother says that. Howdy! Call her on the phone and if her answering machine picks up....first thing you hear her say is HOWDY! I love my mother!
Yesterday was my day of creating. And the day before and the day before that. I scanned 23 cards today. I made 20 of those cards. All of them originals. I got a new set of Sharpie markers on Saturday. 15 new shiny markers to add to the overflowing box of other Sharpies, Bic markers, highlighting pens and other various markers. I had to get a bigger box out of the closet for the new ones to fit! I drew and colored for three days with those markers! AsI said, the art bug has certainly bitten me hard!
I've little desire to even LOOK at those markers today.
I have a frog to make. I have to find the instructions first. That's how I ended up here...going through favorites to figure out which site I've saved in that long favorites list has the instructions to make the frog. I'll be back after the frog's done. I have half an hour to find the instructions and fold that boy a blue frog.
Don't go anywhere!
Well, it is now 3 o'clock in the morning.
We, we. That being ME, has made two origami frogs. One blue, one orange. I made the orange one first, forgetting I was supposed to make a BLUE frog. I have made 10 little origami boxes, four small and six half an inch larger than the small ones which actually makes all 10 boxes on the smallish side. I learned how to make three different kinds of boxes but settled on one that was relatively easy to master and made a much sturdier box than the other two versions. I made my boxes out of various papers. Magazine pages made the prettiest boxes in that they are much squarer than the boxes made from wallpaper. The wallpaper boxes are prettier in their patterns in my opinion.
I have been a paper folding fool for the last three hours! I not only folded frogs and boxes, I made 15 folded stars as well.
I wasted a lot of time looking at other things too. I learned how to manipulate cardboard into different shapes and make it behave how YOU want it to behave, not how it is meant to behave. Eventually I will put that new knowledge to the test. Paper mache armatures come into mind.
I also learned how to fold a 12 point star but I did not actually fold one. I didn't want to take the time tonight to fold 12 pcs of paper to form that star. I'll tackle that one another time.
Right now, I need to go to bed! I still have to write in my journal and read a few pages in my book. I have a goal to reach where the book is concerned. I have made the goal to read 50 books before 2008 is over. I forget the name of the book I'm reading. I just started it last night and have only read a few pages. This is book #8 for the year thus far. I need to keep on the books to accomplish the goal of reading 50 this year. I also must feed the rats before I go to bed. They probably need their water bottles filled as well.
So, this is the entry for today.
I will try my best to make it back here within the week. Don't hold me to it though!
Nighty night!
Go collect some hugs. They're good for the soul of the hugged and the huggee.

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