24 August 2008

An Early, Busy Sunday!

I'm sitting here eating my lunch and talking to whomever happens to come along. It is more often than not that I believe I am talking only to myself, but nonetheless, I endeavor! I'm having ring bologna, corn chips and cottage cheese. Oh, Yummy! (Not really... the corn chips are the best part.)
I have completed 2 Chunky pages, 4 ATCs (with #5 still to be sealed) and cut, I really don't know how many, (30 maybe?) blanks for The Little Book Challenge over at atcsforall.com. I got up at 1:30 this morning after having slept since 9 a.m. on Saturday. I guess I needed a good sleep? It rained from about 2 a.m till just before 6. The electricity was off from 4:30 till almost 6:30 a.m. I was not a happy camper about the electricity being off that long. When it storms, we usually do lose the electric for a bit. Guess it's just cause of the ruralness of my locality? Not sure, but I usually tolerate it quite well. It was raining, thundering and there was a bit of spectacular lightning in the wee hours, but it was NOT a big storm. It usually takes a Big Storm to shut down the power. There is an orange bird of somesort outside my window as I type. He's catching grasshoppers~ YES, YES, EAT THEM ALL LITTLE BIRD! There are way too damn many of them!
While the power was dead, I simply went back to bed after I made myself a sandwich and ate in the laundry room while watching the light show out the back door. I discovered I'd do OK with basic daily living if my sight were ever taken from me. I found the kitchen, the mayo, bread, lunchmeat and the knife to spread the mayo --- all in the dark. And it was PITCH DARK! After I made my sandwich, I remembered the little flashlight was hanging from the shelf in the laundry room. The sandwich would have been a bit less messy, had I remembered that light BEFORE I made it in the dark, but oh, well! It still worked out alright.
My creativity, which was in full bloom when the lights went out, was hampered severely when I found myself in the dark. One cannot do art in the dark. One just can't!~ Believe me, I tried! I had fairies to draw and I wanted to do them NOW, not later when the lights came back on. It didn't work near as well as the sandwich. I got tired of laying in bed and got up thinking I could do something or another in the art dept in the dark. Remember I slept like 15 hours straight already and bed was the last place I really wanted to be. I thought about taking a shower in the dark, but remembered that wouldn't work either. The pump runs on electricity and we didn't have any power at the time. So Billy and Doob joined me for a snooze. Apparently cats can't do anything but sleep when the power is out. No clue where that silly Miss Blue was. Fred (dog) was asleep on the loveseat in the livingroom. I could hear him snoring as I made my way from the deskroom to the kitchen.
The power came back on and I got busy on my fairies.
I can't show you all the art I worked on while most of you were sleeping. I must get that scanner and my own pc hooked up before the weekend! BEFORE the weekend! There's another Collage-A-Thon this coming weekend over at AFA and I'd really like to participate in it then. And I'd also like to show you all my art instead having to describe it.
No poetry today. I haven't the time to type out a poem for you. Sorry. Perhaps next time...
No art today either... explaination already given!

I signed up for a cool mail art project earlier today. Go check it out here:
Thanks Lisa. I've added GoMakeSomething to the sidebar on this blog.

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