10 September 2008

Be Yourself and Be Proud of Who You Are!

Guess we are doing this post backwards cause the beginning you haven't even gotten to yet! lol Ma always says I gotta be different than everyone else. She swears I should have been a boy when I was born too, but that's neither here nor there. I am not a boy! Though I do understand men better than a lot of women I know. There really is no secret to it. They are just humans like the rest of us and need to be treated as such. It is truth that you get more bees with honey than with vinegar. Men need to be stung every now and then just to remind them that you aren't sweet all the time. Then to make up for it, give them all the honey they desire. It's a win-win situation in that scenario.

Here's that artwork I will be talking about later in this post!
We are going with portraits today. I like to do portraits though I need a bit of improvement on doing them. All five of the ATCs in this post have either been given away or traded for other art of some sort or another. I don't keep track of which card is traded for what card.

This is Annabel drawn from a photograph, done in pen and ink and brush and ink. Annabel loved it! I made it for her just because!

I really have no idea who this woman is! I found her in a magazine and drew her from that picture and then painted her in acrylic. I call this one Anita.

This is Audrey Hepburn. Drawn from a photograph on charcoal paper with pencil.

Doesn't resemble Barry Manilow all that much in my opinion, but that is who it is. Done in pencil on drawing paper from a photograph.

Again, I've no idea who this woman really is. I found her in a magazine called Interview. I drew her from the photograph and painted her in acrylics on watercolor paper. I call this one Elizabeth.

I've been working on my Halloween Chunky pages. Not getting anywhere quickly on that endeavor! I really need to get that muse working on these as they are due by the end of September. Good thing they aren't leaving the United States to be traded out. But it is already the 10th and I need to get going on them!

I haven't been in here for awhile and decided I needed to say something to the readers I might have! I've no clue if there are any readers or not cause no one ever leaves me any comments! Shame on you all that are reading and not giving me any feedback. If it's all terrible, tell me! If it's all good, tell me! If it's a little of both, tell me! How can I make this better if I'm the only one giving any feedback to myself? I think it's all good! lol Well, no I don't really think that. Cause it isn't all good! If you're reading, take the plunge and give me a bit of feedback. If you think it's all terrible though, have the decency to be gentle, please!

Somewhere in this post you'll find pictures of some recent artwork. I've no clue how to put the pictures where they should be in a post. It's all guesswork for me, so bear with me or tell me how to do it correctly! Please!

I have an audience tonight as I sit here in front of this computer typing this post up. Miss Blue is atop the monitor, Fred is asleep on the floor behind my chair sawing logs as only a dog can do and Doobie is sitting on top of the paper cutter on the other side of this room. Billy is asleep on the sofa in the livingroom. The dog was in there on the sofa awhile ago but has decided I need to hear his snoring afterall. All is good as long as he doesn't start whistling while he's asleep. What? You didn't know dogs can whistle? Well, Fred can and does on occasion.
Fred is a very bad dog some days. Yesterday I gave the rats, Stella and Annie a couple of small pork chop bones to gnaw on, helps to keep their teeth in good order. That stupid dog knocked their cage off the table in the livingroom and sent the rats flying! He wanted those two tiny bones for himself! Annie got out of the cage when it fell to the floor and Stella looked a little stressed for her carnival ride! I got Annie back in the cage without much fanfare and told Fred under no circumstances was he to do that again! We'll see if he actually heard me or not! Dogs and men are alike in that instance sometimes. They don't always pay attention to just what you've told them!

I've been told that dating is like fishing. A man told me that and I told him to explain himself cause I saw no corellation between dating and fishing. He said with fishing you toss the bait out and wait for a bite. With dating you do the same thing...toss the bait out and wait for a woman to bite. He told me I shouldn't have called him after he threw out the bait and I flatly refused it. Well, I felt bad about flatly refusing it even though I had good reason to refuse. That is why I did call him back. I feel like I've been run over by a Mack Truck today. He didn't take that as a good reason to say no to driving 120 miles to spend time with him. He says, "You know you always feel better when you make a roadtrip." That may be but today I wasn't taking that chance cause I don't feel well enough to actually drive that many miles to spend some time with him. He's worth it, there is no doubt about that but I have to do what I feel is right for me. I think I kinda threw him for a loop cause I seldom say no to a roadtrip regardless when he calls or how far I have to drive! He really does have the capability to make me feel better physically when my old body goes into rebel mode. Wasn't happening today though. Sorry bud! And now I'm gonna have to offer up that pot of honey to get back in his good graces. BUT.... it is a win-win situation and I'll gladly eat some crow for the boy! (Yes, all men are really just boys who've got man parts!)

We are listening to Drivin' 'N Cryin' as these words are being formulated. The song is Honeysuckle Blue. My friend who plays bass in a garage band let me sing that song with him one night. I can't hold a tune in a bucket made of anything! I had a great time singing with him that night and many other nights as well on many different tunes. The band has recently had a makeover and new members have been added. New members who at one time were members of a different band the bass player has been in. I made them a logo not too long ago. I have no idea if they all agreed upon it or not. Bassman says he hasn't shown it to the other two yet. He likes it fine he says. They better get to practicing again if they're to play at the BI2 in Pburg anytime soon. I do hope they play the BI2 cause I am in need of a music fix extraordinaire! And they CAN provide! Even without much practice, they CAN provide!

Until the next post... take good care of yourself, smile at a stranger, hug your loved ones and go a little wild every day. All those things keep you in proper human mode and you'll find that life is good even when you feel it isn't! Make a little art while you're at it just to add to the spice of life!

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