04 December 2009

It's ART Friday, People!

The weekend is upon us and more art will be made over the weekend! There's a Found Poetry-a-thon over at AFA (link up there in the upper left hand corner) and I will participating! That starts at 5pm this evening. I've been making preparations all week for it!
What is Found Poetry, you ask? It is just what it sounds like. You are challenged to write a short poem, a few lines, with words from magazines, books, wherever you can find printed words and then you cut out the words of your poem and along with an illustration of some sort you create an ATC. Should be a lot of fun! And you lucky folks get to see what my old brain comes up with over the weekend~!

The old muse has been alive and well these past few days. All the ATCs here were done between Monday and Thursday. I'll shut up and let you enjoy the artwork and commentary (guess I won't be shutting up afterall! ;) ).

Zentangle Christmas ATC
Markers on linen textured cardstock. This one was done for the group I belong to over at AFA, Zentangles With A Twist. The theme for this week was 'gifts'. (Something like that anyway.)
Tippy ATC
Markers on linen textured cardstock. I was in need of a cat ATC for a trade I recieved in the mail last week. Tippy didn't make the cut but he got drawn nonetheless. Someone will adopt him before too long. My kitties do not linger in my gallery for long.
No Shoes ATC
Markers on linen textured cardstock. Sometimes when the muse is alive and kicking I will take inspiration from wherever it comes! This one was inspired for a request for 'an anthill with a foot nearby'. OK, no problem! I whipped this out and traded it not more than two hours after I had put it in my gallery. I'll be getting a card titled "Giraffe Caged" for this one. It will be headed to London come Monday or Tuesday when I make it to the post office.
Looking Up ATC
Markers on linen textured cardstock. I was surfing through Google Images for a cityscape to draw. Inspriation for this one came from a photograph being offered by a Stock Photo site. Mine doesn't look much like the photograph though. This one wasn't in my gallery for even an hour before it was traded. I'll be getting "Plaid Boy" in exchange for this one. Wisconsin is its destination.
Someone needs to clean the scanner bed to get rid of all that crap that isn't really on the cards!
Earl ATC
Markers on linen textured cardstock. Earl made the cut for the cat I needed in trade for an elephant. He will be headed to Oklahoma come Monday or Tuesday.

Brine Shrimp ATC
Markers on linen textured cardstock. I didn't even know what the heck brine shrimp look like till a request was made for one. I traded this fella for an elephant. The girl wanted a 'cute little brine shrimp'. I hope this one is cute enough for her! It will be headed to Oklahoma along with Earl.

Blue Ice ATC
Markers on linen textured cardstock. I was surfing Google Images for penguins. I didn't find any penguins that looked even remotely like this fella. I looked at pages and pages of penguins and nothing struck me as very inspirational from all the penguins I had to choose from. So I gave up the hunt for a penguin and was surfing for polar bears instead. I found a photograph of a polar bear on an ice flow. I liked the way the ice flow receeded into the background and this penguin appeared out of nowhere. He's still waiting for a home.
Blue Frog 2 and Blue Frog
Markers on linen textured cardstock. These two were made at my sister's house. Me, her and her friend Jerry were all sitting around making inchies when I decided to make twinchies instead. Susan had her laptop out and we googled Blue Frogs. Everyone made their own rendition of a blue frog. I'm a faster drawer than those two are so I ended up with two blue frogs on Twinchies whereas they both did one blue frog on Inchies. I know Blue Frog 2 doesn't really look like a frog at all, he's more dinosaurish.
I haven't traded any twinchies yet. I haven't put any up for trade yet. These two will end up in my gallery before it's all said and done.
And of course, you all knew there would be inchies today!
I'm up to 938 by the count of scanned inchies.

I accidentally deleted one set of inchies from this post. I don't have any clue how to retrieve them back to this post so you all will just have to be content with 4 dozen instead of 5 dozen inchies!
I will meet my goal of 1000 inchies this year with no problem at all! I have another 16 that need color put to them so I'm well on my way! Inchies are on my agenda this morning too.
Not a whole lot happening in my world these days. It's 3 a.m. I got up at 1 a.m. after having gone to bed around 4p.m. yesterday. I slept good but it's that sleeping at odd hours that riles me! Nothing I can do about it though so I just go with the flow!
I need to call the drs office this afternoon to see if they have the results from all those tests I had done last week. Must not be anything out of kilter too badly if they haven't sent the results along to me?
The kids were up on Saturday the 28th of November. Got to see my little Annabel for a few hours. She is growing like crazy! How fast they grow!!!! Saturday was also my nephew's 30th birthday. We had a party for him. Ice cream cake and presents. Can't believe the boy is already 30! Like I said, How fast they grow!!!!
Sometime this coming week I will drag all the Christmas stuff into the house and set the tree up. I think the tree is the only thing that will be put out besides the Nativity Scene. I don't trust that Lola Kid (aka Terrorist Cat) cause I'm afraid she's going to climb the tree and scatter ornaments everywhere! It's bad enough the dog whacks the ornaments off the tree with his tail, I can only imagine what fun that kitten will have with a tree full of bright red balls!
I hit my goal of 50 books read this year and pretty much petered out on the reading since then. I've been working on a Louis L'Amour novel titled Callaghen for the last two weeks or so. Skinny little book that shouldn't have taken a day to read....it is hard going, not cause the book is a dud, but because Donna is a dud at reading right now. Too many other things to accomplish! I did try reading some on it yesterday before falling asleep but that little Terrorist Cat wasn't cooperating in that department. Why is it cats think they have to sit atop anything you are trying to read? I should have this book finished in the next few days. I've only about 20 pages left to read.
Yesterday I posted my SEVEN LOVES and promised I would try to link to Margaret's blog. Here's my attempt to do just that! You can find Margaret's blog here. Go see what she had to say about her seven loves.
Have yourselves a FANTASTIC FRIDAY and don't forget to collect and give your ration of hugs! It makes everyone happier!

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