07 December 2009

What the heck? Let's have ART Monday!

There's snow on the ground this morning. It got there yesterday. About two inches? I'm guessing there. Not a whole lot, but it's cold and white outside!
I spent Saturday night making the 'found poetry' ATCs below at my sister's house with her and Jerry. Some were made months ago that somehow never got scanned. Went through my availables notebook comparing what was there with what is in the availables file on my pc.

Sinterklaas ATC
Markers on linen textured cardstock. I wrote a Sinterklaas poem for a girl who lives in Belgium. She needed it in English and was having trouble rhyming the verses so she asked for help from someone who speaks English as a first language (only language in my case.) I gave it a shot and she was very pleased with my efforts. I got the idea for this card from that request. She sent me to Wikipedia so I could learn something about Sinterklaas. Thanks, Christa, for letting me make the attempt with your verses. Sinterklaas actually has a white beard and hair but I don't own a white marker so gray it is.

It's Amazing ATC
Collage on linen textured cardstock. Images came from magazine pages except for the keys which are from a collage sheet someone sent me with an ATC I had traded for. Text is from a young adult's novel. I made this one for the 'found poetry-a-thon' over at AFA this weekend. I have not traded any of the found poetry cards.

Haywire ATC
Collage on linen textured cardstock. Images are from magazine pages and a children's book. Text comes from magazines, a coffee table book and a young adult novel.

Green Leaves ATC
Markers on cardstock. This one was done in October 2009 and it did not get scanned at that time for whatever reason.

For The 21st Century ATC
Collage on linen textured cardstock. This isn't exactly 'found poetry' but that is the reason it got done, cause I was making found poetry cards at the time. Text is from magazines, junk mail and a coffee table book. Picture is from junk mail. Background is part of a page out of a book about interest rates.
Flamingo 4 ATC
Collage on playing card. Foil papers, black cord, black pipecleaner, black seed bead and lots of diamond glaze to cover it all. This one was made way back in November 2008 and never got scanned. I always wondered why no one ever took this one off my hands everytime I looked through my availables notebook. That was cause no one had ever seen it!

Elephant Trouble ATC
Collage on linen textured cardstock. Elephant is free-hand cut from textured wallpaper. Background image is from a seed catalog, crown is metallic paper and there's a googly eye there too. Text comes from the young adult novel and the coffee table book.

Crazy ATC
Collage on linen textured cardstock. The background is a Customs Slip from the back of an envelope that arrived in my mailbox in Kansas from Finland. Images come from junk mail, magazines and a cooperate report for an insurance company. There's part of a map on there as well. Text is from a young adult novel. On the backside is more text, reading: "Where is my stethoscope?" which is from a coffee table book.

Blue Finland and Mushroom Susan
Blue Finland is collage on recycled chipboard. Satin ribbon, used postage stamp from Finland, Light blue paper and green crepe paper.
Mushroom Susan is markers on linen textured cardstock.
I'm still working on the inchies. Have 8 more completely done and ready to scan. And 9 more that need colored before they can be scanned. I will meet this goal! Yeah!!!!
I've added another book to the list of books read this year. Gump & Co. puts me at 53 books read. I may add to that list before the year is completely gone. We'll see.
Here's hoping the world is being good to each of yous. I won't complain. I'm doing pretty good for a change!
Get you some hugs today... and even better, give some hugs!

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