13 July 2010

6 ATCs and A Cat

I've done more art than these six ATCs since the last time I posted some art. I've made a little book out of paper bags, filled with collages and little pockets that hold little treasures. I'm not done with it just yet and I've not scanned it either. I have two Tree Of Life pendants in various stages of completion and I've made a postcard or two. I forgot about the postcards when I scanned the ATCs or you'd be seeing them as well. Next time.
For now, ATCs on recycled cardstock and all done in markers.

5 july 2010
Google Images is my friend. Jacob evolved from a picture of a woman wearing a red flowered scarf, standing on a busy sidewalk. Don't ask how she ended up as Jacob. I don't know, it just happened that way. I am slowly improving on my people drawing skills. Jacob isn't a good example of good people drawing skills, but he's not the worst person I've ever drawn.

7 July 2010
this one was inspired from an old joker playing card in black and white. the colors are all mine.
Norma's Bluebird
5 July 2010
This one was inspired by an oil painting of a bluebird by a woman named Norma, hence its title.
The Sleeping Chair #2
28 June 2010
I did this one as special request during June's ATART. There is another sleeping white cat in a flowered chair in the posts from the ATART. I traded that other one minutes after I posted it in the thread and someone asked for it minutes after I had traded it. I offered to do another card, similar to the first. This is what we ended up with. I like it.
Sleeping in the Pink Flowered Chair
7 July 2010
and since the other chairs with sleeping white cats were so fun to do, i did some more!
Sleeping in the Psychodelic Parlor
6 July 2010
this is the only card I did on the 6th. No. I wasn't on the sauce. I've no clue where the hell my muse was wandering to have found the garish colors my hands chose from the buckets of markers that sit atop my desk. No clue at all!

Little Miss Lola is fixing to have kittens any day now. I'll keep you all posted on that progress.

Get your hugs!

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