22 September 2010

Hello--Looks Like You're Going to See Some Kittens!

I know I've been away for awhile. There's not much happening in the art world at my house. Been making some fabric paper and working in my junque journal but there are no pictures of either to show for that. There ARE pictures, they just aren't in this post cause art is the farthest thing from my mind these days. My muse ran off to an island oasis and is sitting on a white sand beach drinking margaritas enjoying her long vacation. She'll come home soon enough.
She dang well better!
I am way behind on the 365 Project.
2 whole weeks behind.....

I only have four kittens left now. An elderly couple with a little girl came and got 2 of the kittens better than a week ago. There have been no more bites for kittens since then despite the fact their mugshots are plastered on the bulletin boards in town.
One of the little orange guys went and so did his sister, Fluffy.
I was out taking pictures of the kittens in the backyard when that fool dog began acting silly. He's just rolling around in the grass having a gay old time!
I believe this is the little orange one that went to live with the elderly couple and the little girl.
Sitting on the back steps.

He looks so worried....
Holy Terror! Don't let the cuteness fool you!
Fluffy here also went with the little orange one. Fluffy wasn't quite sure what to think of the flash on the camera. She jumped like this all the time when I took her picture.
Again, don't let the cuteness fool you!
I had to take the curtains off the window in the livingroom cause these little terrorists attacked it and bent the curtain rod. My sofa has exploded. There are weapons of mass destruction at work where kittens reside! Alebit they are S-L-O-W in their destruction, they are lethal!

Someone, please take these kittens off my hands!
Here is a little orange kitten sitting atop Fred while he lays on the kitchen floor. Yes, I know...that floor really needs a bath! Kittens are messy little critters...worse than children.

Under the propane tank in the front yard.
Under the front porch steps.
There's a spy in the background! That's Stripes back there. She's an ornery little turd! Whitey is under the propane tank. I gave them temporary names cause I have to call them something. I call the two orange ones, Little Boy, cause I still can't tell them apart.
It is a very good thing that the Good Lord didn't grace me with twins cause I wouldn't be able to tell them apart!
This is my Mom's cat, Charlie. He's about the same age as the other kittens on this page.

Not much happening in my world really. Nothing worth yapping about anyway. Been going through crap out in the burnt house in preparation of a yard sale this weekend. I got enough ready to say I made an honest effort at it, but there's twice as much crap yet to be gone through if it's to make it into the sale this weekend.
A daunting task. I really don't have my heart in it.

All is well though. I'm content. Nothing major brewing that I know of.
As I always say, If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.
Life is good. Working fine!
I do hope your's is as well.

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