02 October 2010


Hello Readers!
I'm assuming I have readers.....I like comments! Leave me on if you are reading, please. I don't bite! I'm really rather easy to get along with!!!

I didn't have a hell of a lot to say in September! Not sure I'll have a lot to say this month either but who knows! Maybe I'll post everyday this month! (Don't count on it though! ;) )

The art muse went on vacation and has just yesterday returned. Wasn't even yesterday technically. Three this morning she showed up demanding I do some art. I don't have pictures of the art done at that time but I'll show them to you as soon as I get them scanned. I did 5 ATCs this morning.

I have been making a LOT of fabric paper. All through September I made fabric paper. I think I have about 15 sheets or so of it now. I made a chunky page out of one sheet of it. I don't think I ever scanned that chunky page though....I'm certain I didn't. What the heck was I thinking? It's gone now! I sent it off to Georgia on Monday of this week. Guess you all aren't gonna see that one. Can't believe I didn't take a picture of it!
I'm in the process of working on the little book pictured in this post. I've lost my bookbinding needle though so it will have to wait to be sewn together till I can find another needle that will work properly.

I tried an experiment with the blue fabric on the backside of the fabric paper. it is a t-shirt weight material. Actually came from a long sleeved woman's shirt. The paper side of the fabric paper is from an old Learning Spanish Workbook. Nicely aged paper! The book was from the 1960s, I think. I don't recall ever having looked at the copyright page before I started using it for fabric paper. I'm afraid the copyright page is long gone! Half the book is long gone!
I did the abstract designs on this book cover in markers. The top picture shows the front of the book, the bottom one the inside of the book covers.
I'll show you all the finished book once I find an appropriate needle to sew it all together with! That's the page block in the upper right hand corner of the pictures. 16 signatures of 5 sheets of copy paper. The book is going to need a button closure of some sort. I'm thinking a large dark purple button with natural jute tie. We'll see what the muse wants to do when I actually get it sewn together. The button will be the last thing sewed on.
I have a few little books to sew together....really need to find a good needle to do that.

Not much been happening in my world.
I went to Wichita with my sister on Wednesday. Got to see my oldest boy, his wife and the younguns. That Lil A is growing like a weed! And Brenton gives the best hugs!
Was good to see them all!
I miss them terribly some days....and Terah tells me the same is true of all of them.

Took the last two kittens over to RW's house this afternoon. They are going to live at farm/roofing company outside of Kirwin. RW and Lue will deliver my two kittens and their five kittens in the morning.
This coming week will be a busy week for me. Ma is going to show up and there will be work to do! I'm getting a 'new' couch and chair for the livingroom. The couch is already here but it's in the garage for the time being. Ma is giving me a recliner! I'll be spending some time in that thing, reading! Ma gave $8 for my new couch! LOL I like it! It's a dark brown number, I'm thinking 1950s vintage... it's in great shape for its age! The recliner, I think, is green. I'll be able to put the curtains back up too! YEAH! Had to take the livingroom curtain down cause there were kittens hell bent on tearing it down!

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