30 May 2011

XXI Days to a Habit

Just some shots of my sketchbook pages. I started the XXI Days to a Habit notebook and haven't actually worked in it for 21 days straight. But I have filled a few pages~! These are the pages filled on my first really serious venture into this project. I've since filled more pages and added things to some of these pages too. There are also a few pages of writing in that notebook now.
Sorry you have to see them sideways. I don' know how o chang ha......Damn i!
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Abit hard to understand????? I can't even decipher it and I wrote it!

i will fix problem 
Problem Fixed!
My keyboard bit the big one all of a sudden! It worked fine a couple hours before I tried to do this post. This morning I dragged out my old keyboard that I kept just in case....good thing I did keep it! It has issues as well so if you run across a typo, it might be that I just don't know how to type this morning or it may be the sticky keys on this keyboard. My friend John surprised me with the keyboard that died yesterday. It arrived in the mail! I've had it a year, maybe 2. It served me well! I do however see a new keyboard in my very near future!

Alright, back to the XXI Days to a Habit!
These pages are out of order.

I have a url for the site where this idea comes from but I'll have to go hunt it up and put here later.

I will add this link to the sidebar as well.
The premise of the XXI Days to a Habit is that if you do something, anything, for 21 days straight, you will have formed a habit. I didn't make it 21 days straight with my project but I have made this a habit.
There are no finished pieces of art in this book. It's all practice runs, so to speak.
Just let your mind and hand work in tandem and see what comes out on the page!
I don't know how to turn things rightways in Paint. The sketchbook was too wide to fit on the scanner bed with both pages being upright so...we have to crook our necks to see them.

I used collage for some pages.


markers and pencil


junk mail collage
there's now another junkmail collage on the blank page pictured here.

Pencil, marker, ball point pen


this was a fun lesson to do! You make a list. Two minutes on the clock, write whatever comes to mind and when the time is up, spend a half hour or so drawing what you wrote on your list. There wasn't enough room on the margins to draw EVERYTHING written. There are no rules, just do what makes you smile!

magazine cutout and marker

magazine cutouts and markers

top page is tea stained. I made a cup of tea and used the tea bag to put a bit of color on this page. There are drawings in pencil on top of that tea now. The idea is use the patterns made by the tea (or coffee would work too) to draw what you see. I seen a mermaid in there and a few other things as well. Don't have that book in front of me right now, so not sure what's on this page.
The other page is a color study. It took 'forever' to do this page!

Go check out Suzette's ideas, she has some good ones! Then get out your sketchbook, send your logical thinking mind to the other room and draw, draw, draw!

Be good to one another! It matters!
Peace, my friends!

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soulbrush said...

what I love is your freedom of expression, everything and anything goes, you aren't curtailing yourself all the time as I do. did you get the chunky pig?