12 June 2011

A Little Bit of ART to Share! Where the devil is my muse?????

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping  by the blog that doesn't get updated very often! 
My muse has flown the coop! She shows up for short bursts and then she's off again! 

Not much to report this time around either. Storms came through since the last post. Nothing serious though. A bit of rain has fallen sans stormy weather. I've been gifted with dead rodents from my furkids. And I've just been taking it as easy as I can take it! Been to a couple of ballgames and a birthday party this past week and I am wore out!

Here's what the muse has come up with since the last post. I didn't take a picture of it, but the laptop bag is now sewn together, just waiting for a strap/handle of some sort. Still working on that in my head.


Red Fabric Paper Book
3x4 inches
manilla drawing paper pages
3 signatures of 5 sheets each
sewn with purple embroidery thread
I made the binding a bit tight on this one and the book doesn't close all that well. I'm thinking a red button for a closure is needed on this one if I'm to sell it.

Pansies Book
4.5x6 inches
manilla drawing paper for pages
5 signatures of 5 sheets each
sewn with green embroidery thread
I'm quite pleased with the way this one sewed together--not too loose, not too tight.
I do feel as though I cheated on this one and calling it art is a bit of a stretch. I didn't do the pansies on the covers! The back cover has pansies on it too. These are rub-ons.

Mountain Lake Scene
Fingernail Polish Painting on Vellum
4x6 inches (roughly)
I wasn't sure just how painting with fingernail polish would work on vellum, but the results were quite pleasing! This will eventually end up as a book cover I think...either that or a postcard. 
This one took about half an hour to do. 
I've a large box full of many different colors of fingernail polish. I don't paint my fingernails very often, but if I want a cool color or something just funky, I got it covered! 

Little Green Dragon
4x4 inches
I'm thinking I will cut this guy out and put him on a book cover.

Mountain Scene
Fingernail Polish Painting
1.5x2 inches
This one will end up on a matchbox shrine I think. It's a bit small for a book cover!

Yellow Turban
markers on cardstock

White Bunny
markers on cardstock

Boy and A Candle
inspired by a painting of the same name by Gerard Sekoto
markers on cardstock

That's about it for the muse for the time being! 
I do have more little books that need to be sewn together and that should happen sometime in the next few days. Maybe a couple of them will be sewn today, who knows!

Be good to one another! It matters!

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