06 July 2011

Production From The Dotee Factory

Hello Again!
More Dotees for the masses to admire! (Or not.) 

I've sewed dotees for a few days in a row now. Still sewing them! I have two bodies ready for personality to be added. 

Black Blue Bow Dotee
Her body is made from a man's black duckcloth shirt. She has pretty blue ribbons for her danglies, eyelash yarn and cotton string for hair and wooden beads for eyes.

Blue Fleece Angel Dotee
She's my favorite of all dotees yet made!
Her body is made from a blue fleece pullover. She has gold/yellow eyelash yarn hair, wooden beads for eyes, goldtone chain for danglies, a fake cameo on her tummy and a gold wire halo on top of her head. Her wings are chipboard from a Cheez-its box covered with drapery material and painted with glitter glue to make them sparkly.

This fellow is made from a hairy red sweater. He has silver grommets and wooden beads for eyes. His danglies are stringed plastic pearls and his hair is eyelash yarn. He has a gold jingle bell on his tummy.

This is the little fellow of the bunch. He has brown eyelash yarn hair, a blue fabric bow, wooden beads for eyes, a pink quartz doodad sewed to his tummy and bathtub chain for his danglies. He's very little. 

This one has cotton fabric for her body. Someone sent me this fabric in an art trade. Her hair is cotton string, her eyes wooden beads, she has a fabric pinwheel bow on her tummy and her danglies are christmas garland.

Another pink fairy! Her wings are made same as the previous wings. Her body is silk with a length of pink ribbon sewn around her tummy and a pendant with yellow stones is also sewn there. She has embroidery thread for hair and pink lengths of chain for her danglies. Her eyes are little wooden wheels. She has no halo. She's a fairy, not an angel.

Brown Haired Purple Angel
She has the same wings as all other winged dotees in this post. I need to make more wings if I'm going to make more fairies or angels of the dotee variety. Her body is fleece from an old pair of pajamas. She has a polymer clay bead sewn to her tummy, her eyes are wooden beads,  her halo is gold wire, her hair is eyelash yarn and her danglies are fabric ribbon.

Purple Butterfly Velvet
This one has a white fabric rose sewn to his tummy, he has black knubby yarn for danglies, wooden beads for eyes and eyelash yarn for hair.

Same pajamas as the one above make up this one's body. He has wooden beads for eyes, eyelash yarn for hair, black plastic beads for danglies and a hematite leaf sewn to his tummy.

I have one more dotee made, but it needs a hanger still. I have two more bodies cut out and sewn together. They need some personality added. There are still three more bodies cut, ready to be sewn together. I haven't burnt out on the dotees, yet. We shall see how long it lasts though. 
I don't stay with one thing for long.
Before the 31st of this month, I need to get a fish picture done! It's been requested for a birthday present. Better get cracking on it! 
I still have the snake cane and the star cane to finish. Not to mention the paper mache box that needs done. 

I was out in the artroom today looking for a couple of bags of beads I know were out there the last time I was out there. The spot they were in is empty. I know the culprit who took my beads! I will get my beads back! I need them for the dotees!
I took a look at my paper mache box while I was out there. It is ready for some more work to be done to it. I just need to figure out just what the devil more I am going to do with it. 
I need to finish something spectacular before the middle of August to enter in the County Fair this year. Might be the birthday fish, might be something totally different! I've no clue just yet! 
You all be good to one another. I'll be back in a day or two with another post of my creative endeavors. There are a couple of ATCs that need scanned, a couple of altered coffee sleeves to show you and I'm sure more dotees will be born by then as well!
As I said;
You all be good to one another! It does matter!
Peace, my friends!

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