01 July 2011

Rest in Peace, Doob

Doob died this morning. :(
 She was 19 years old.
 She lived a good long life as queen of the house.
 I shall miss the old bag of bones dearly!  
This is the last photograph ever taken of Doob.
She's buried between the two big pine trees behind the burnt house.
She woke me at 5 a.m. for breakfast. 
I gave her a can of food.
She was eating when
I went back to bed.
I awoke at noon and
found her dead on the bathroom floor.
Chestin buried her for me.

l made dotee dolls again today. It's hotter than the hubs of hell in NW Kansas and staying in sounded like an excellent idea! I've been on a dotee kick for a couple days now.

Flower Angel Dotee
She's made from cashmere with cotton string hair. She has sequins for eyes and plastic stringed pearls for her dangly bits. The brooch on her tummy is an antique beaded brooch. I found it in my jar of odd things. I don't think they make beads this small these days. I've sewn the brooch to her tummy, leaving the pinback in place on the brooch. She also has a gold wire halo. Her wings are a very soft green color in reality. 

I took a break from sewing dotees last night and made six pairs of wings out of recycled chipboard food boxes, a bit of marker around the edges, some sparkly paint and/or glitter glue. They have three holes punched along one edge and they're sewn to the back of the dotee. No glue involved when making dotees.

Garden Fairy Dotee
She's made out of a very light tan colored jersey knit (very stretchy) with fuzzy yarn for dangly, wooden beads for eyes and gold thread for a tuft of hair. Her wings are the same soft green color as the angel's wings. The rubber grasshopper is sewn to her tummy.

I don't know what to call this thing.
Pink Skirted Dotte
This one just went downhill from start to finish. She's made from a drapery sample, blue embroidery thread, wooden beads, a piece of pink lace, a bit of sparkly for dangly and a metal cone for a hat.
Surely someone can love the poor thing more than I?

Ponytail Dotee
He's made from that same striped material I used for the ugly owl dotee in the last post. He has blue wooden beads for eyes, gold thread for his dangly bits, a glass cube bead sewn to his tummy and cotton string for hair. He's quite little for a dotee.

I have a few things that need scanned which I've done in the last several days and I have a banner to take a picture of to show you all. 
Perhaps tomorrow will be the day we meet again? 
Be good to one another!

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soulbrush said...

Oh little Doobs, RIP. What a great way to go- have your breakfats and then go to sleep forever. And what a grand old age too. Have you any other cats? I am sure a new kitty will appear in your life really soon. Oh more dotees, yay they are mahvellous dahlink!