19 February 2013

Little Felt Snowmen

Hello Readers!

I had an anonymous comment about the little felt snowmen. Lady name of Kathy wanted to know how I made them so I thought I'd give you the link to the tute I used and tell you how I made them.  Only problem with that is I cannot find the tutorial I used. I didn't save it to my favorites and it is LOST in cyberspace. 

Guess I'll just have to make my own tutorial!

I'm afraid this is the only picture I have of the snowmen unless you all want to see what one looks like after three cats and a dog have dragged it around the house for a month. They make great cat toys! I am a bit surprised Fred dog hasn't done it in, to be quite honest. It is missing its scarf and it is no longer white....

These guys are little. They're about 2 inches tall. Here's how to make them. You shouldn't need any visuals...it's all basic stuff.

You'll need some felt, any color you want for your snowmen. I used scraps of felt from a santa hat I tore up to make a monster out of. Choose a different color for the scarf.

Cut two circles for each snowman from the snowman color felt. My circles were 2.5 inches across and 3 inches across. You could make yours bigger or smaller, it's up to you. You want one circle slightly larger than the other.

You'll need some thread and a needle.
I used white crochet cotton so I'd have a sturdy string to make the loop out of. You can use whatever string, whatever color it is, that you have laying around. The thread won't show except for the hanging loop once the scarf is put on.

Make a running stitch around one circle about a 1/4 inch from the edge of the felt. Gather it together with a cotton ball or some fiberfil inside. Knot the thread so it stays gathered and then do the same thing with the other snowman colored felt circle.
You should now have two felt balls, one slightly larger than the other. 

You can either glue these two balls together or you can sew them together. I chose to sew mine cause I sometimes can't be bothered with glue. 
If you decide to sew yours, this is how it was done on mine:

Once you get the two balls sewn together, with their raw edges meeting, take your thread up through your snowman's head, hold on to it so you have the length of loop you want and go back through the snowman where you sewed his halves together. Put a few stitches here and there just to keep the loop secure when you hang your snowman. 

From a different color of felt cut a half inch strip long enough to go around your snowman with extra so it can be looped around his neck.
I didn't sew the scarf to my snowmen. It's just tied around their necks.

Their eyes are drawn on with a black sharpie. 

I do hope this tutorial is helpful!

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