09 March 2013

end of feb and into march

Hello Readers!
It has been a few days since my last post so let's get on with it.

I killed my toaster oven about a week ago. Don't try to cook polymer clay on wood veener in the toaster oven. Live and learn. I've always said I'm an adventurous artist. A smoke filled kitchen wasn't exactly what I had in mind...
Well, there's your tip for the week! 
Not to worry!!!! My kitchen is fine and I now have a new toaster oven that will NOT see the likes of any polymer clay to speak of. I'll be cooking it elsewhere.
I did lose two drawings in the small mishap with the toaster oven. One of them was a gecko and the other completely skips my mind. No pictures of them. No proof they ever existed!
But, I made up for the loss of two with the creation of many.

Plug on, Kid...you've far to go~!

I showed you all this gecko drawing in a previous post.
I painted it with fingernail polish.

As I did with the poodle you all saw as a line drawing in the previous post with the gecko.

Fingernail polish is stinky. But I love the way it looks like enamel when you put it to nice paper or wood.

I did some beading.
One of these days I'll get good at it, maybe?

That's my ring finger in the picture to give you a sense of size. 
Glass seed beads sewn on felt with nylon thread.

Glass seed beads again. The nylon thread is a light gray color. You can see it around the edge of this one. I put the magnets between the two pieces of felt that make up the whole.

This is another fingernail polish painting. The altered envelope for my partner in the AEA (Altered Envie Addicts) group.

I sprayed a white envelope with green spray paint before starting the fingernail polish paintings.

Address was written in the center of the flower with black sharpie.

I think this might be the same magnet as the one above.

These were fun to make but I should have put lines on the brown paper before making them into cones. A nice crisscross pattern would have helped. I can still put the lines on but it would have been much easier with the paper flat. These will most likely end up with a magnet adhered to the backside. The white one has a hanger on it so it will be used as a charm of some sort.

Owl charm. Two metal washers, two yellow plastic beads, a silver bead, felt, cardstock, yarn and some glue. He's less than 2 inches tall

Owl charm number 2
made pretty much the same as owl charm above with the exception of the metal washes being substituted with two little silver beads

owl collage on backside of owl chunky
I showed you all the owl chunky fronts in a previous post.

These all flew away this morning.

Another fingernail polish painting of a barn owl. I used sharpie to draw the bird before painting it on plain copy paper. 4x3inches

Felt bird magnet. Glass beads, felt and thread with a magnet sandwiched between the layers.

backside of the red owl chunky page below

red owl chunky
magazine cutouts for both sides 

shoe chunky page
front side
magazine cutouts
I did take a picture of the backside but blogger doesn't want it in this post. It's nothing special so no biggie!

I sewed this snake from felt while watching McLeod's Daughters on hulu. He's stuffed with fiberfil, about two feet long. Fred was sound asleep when I took this picture of him and the snake. He wouldn't have laid still had he been awake. He hates to see the camera!

Two owls chunky

Two Owls Chunky
magazine cutouts and black sharpie

altered envelope
fingernail polish and black sharpie on plain white envelope

altered envelope
front side
address goes in center of flower
fingernail polish and black sharpie on plain white envelope

Don Quioti Postage Stamp Book
2.5x3.5 inches. It has 30 red construction paper pages, sewn in the pamphlet stitch with orange acrylic yarn. The cover is cardstock.

I took on a challenge.

A call was put out for some origami cranes.
20 in each bag.

This is what the cranes look like. 
Most of the 71 of them I have made since the last post are made from magazine paper and russian text. I'll be folding some more cranes in near future. I'm shooting for 100 before the month is out.

Heron Book
Book is 2.5 inches square (it's actually a bit longer on one end than the other but close enough) The covers are chipboard from a jigsaw puzzle box covered in red construction paper on the outsides and left with the graphics from the box on the insides. It has 100 pages of red and blue construction paper sewn in the coptic stitch so it will lay flat when open. The stamp adhered to the front cover is an old stamp from the Czech Republic before it was called the Czech Republic. Least that is what I've been told. It's a nice little book. Sewed up quite tidily.

Ship Book
I'm not crazy about this little book. The cover is some kind of stiff netting/mesh. I think it is used in needlepoint but I'm not sure about that. It came on a big roll like newsprint comes. The book is 2.5x3.5 inches. It is sewn in the pamphlet stitch with orange acrylic yarn and has 20 blue construction paper pages.

The Green Throne
postage stamp people
markers and postage stamp on cardstock

Brown Bird Book
2.5x3.5 inches. covers are cardstock with scrapbook paper and construction paper behind the postage stamp on the front cover. It has a wire hook and coated wire sling closure. Inside are 20 blue construction paper pages. It is sewn in the pamphlet stitch with gray nylon thread.

Blue Background Postage Stamp Dress
markers on tissue paper adhered to cardstock before coloring. Dress is a collage of postage stamps cut to fit the space.

Black Hair Lady Postage Stamp Dress 
My portrait skills obviously need improvement!

Postage Stamp Fish
This fella took a few stamps to make. He's about 4x6 inches. I drew his shape on a blank postcard, filling the space as much as possible. Base of the fish is cardstock painted with acrylic ink and details put in with marker. Each scale on the fish is one half of a United States postage stamp--I believe I used 6 different stamps. Slap a googly eye on the guy and bam! You've got a pretty cool fish!
The backside is covered with English text from an old yellowed book.

It has snowed (and mostly melted) since I was last here.
Snow storm in the dark.
Those flakes were so cool!

Getting deeper as the night deepens...

and we woke up to this!
Official count after it was said and done?
18 inches of the white stuff!
That van didn't move for eight days!

There's a mature pine treeline about a quarter mile out into that field in this picture. The snow was terrifically thick as it came down. It was gorgeous and we needed the moisture badly! Even though we got a dumping deluxe, I'll not complain about the snow storm!

The kids and I hunkered in, were nice to each other and

we made art!

Thanks for sticking around to the end today!
Be good to one another!
It matters, my friends!

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