07 July 2013

Balls, Fishes and a Bag of Money

Hello Readers!

I woke up around one this morning...slept the whole afternoon and evening away! There was no water when I got up. I went out to the burnt house where the pump is plugged in, thinking it had somehow got unplugged. It looked fine to me but I unplugged it and then plugged it back in again. Then I made the trek back to the house to see if it had come back on.
Still no water....no clue what's up with that. 

No water means no coffee for Donna. I had to settle for lemonade from the fridge. It ain't the same. Let me tell you! It ain't the same! Will call my brother at a reasonable hour and see what he suggests. I don't think the boy would be happy with me if I called him at 3:30 in the morning, which is what time it is now. 

In the last post I was all excited about the felt ball I'd just pulled from the dryer.

That felt ball is a lot prettier now!

I really enjoyed all this embroidery work. 
I never considered myself a needle artist. 

I don't suppose I do yet. 

I just kept adding stitches of different colors until the ball was covered to my muse's desires. 

I stitched my 'wineglass' on there and called it done!

My 'wineglass' is really a D and an H hooked together without the left leg of the H. You all have seen it on drawings. I put it on monsters and other stitched things as well.
This one rattles when you shake it cause it has a rattle in it. I'll show you the rattle in a bit.

I finished the white one and promptly started another.

This one has absolutely no wool roving in it. 

This one doesn't rattle cause I wasn't thinking ahead. I balled up some thick wool sweater material, sewed it so it'd stay where I wanted it.

Wound some thick macrame cord around the wool sweater material and then covered it all with a layer of cashmere which was also sewed into place.

The outside shell is black sweater material. I thought, when I bought that sweater at the thrift store, that it was 100% wool, but I was sorely mistaken. It is not wool at all. It is acrylic. It is nice and thick though and served wonderfully for the shell of this black ball.

The black sweater material is sewn on in random shapes, cut to fit the spot I needed to cover. The embroidery was then done just as the first one....

Random stitches with many colors .... I just kept covering the ball till I liked what it looked like.

Day two of making balls ended and when I woke up the next day,

I made another one!

The first two are a lot bigger than this one. 

this one is all thick wool sweater material. I embroidered until the ball was solid and felt right. This one had silk ribbon flowers embroidered on the sweater before I destroyed it. I incorporated those into the outside of the ball right along with the embroidery I did. The only thing holding it together are embroidery stitches.

And then yesterday, the fourth day in a row, I started another one! This one is made a bit differently. Instead of using wool sweater material for the inside of the ball, I used plastic bags instead. After the plastic bags I wound some macrame cord, then some crochet cotton to hold the macrame cord on and to cover some of the gaps. Then the black sweater material shell was sewn on with embroidery thread.

These are the components of the rattles inside the balls. Each rattle consists of two bottle caps that fit nicely together and some little metal discs and rods to make it all rattle. You tape the bits inside the caps and wrap the caps inside the wool when you start your ball.
The two black balls and the first white one are all roughly the same size. I've no clue how I accomplished that, it just worked out. They are all just a bit larger than a tennis ball.
It looks like balls are solidly on the muse's radar at the moment. You will be seeing the unfinished black ball in the next post. I intend to find a movie to watch and start stitching in it when I'm done here.

The brown crochet basket is still a work in progress. Crocheting that material is very hard on my hands! I will finish this basket though. It has been worked on since the last time you seen it but that work has been minimal.

And this thing is a work in progress as well. It started out being a basket but I do believe it will become something entirely different! It's useless as a basket as it isn't sewn tight enough.  I was playing around with it yesterday and turned it into mushroom cap. I don't know if the muse will run with that idea or not. 
This is not the last you've seen of the quilt batting basket.  Yes, that big white ball of stuff is quilt batting, cut into roughly 3/4 inch strips. The brown yarn used to sew the basket is some kind of nylon string. 

There are still brown paper fishes on the kitchen table waiting for some color.

I finished the brown paper fishes I talked about in the last post. 

Fish Picture 7 (fp7) has become a catch all of sorts. Underneath those fishes and the envelope the fishes go in is a hank of quilling paper that I am experimenting with. FP7 just is not talking to me at the moment! August is coming at a rapid pace and it better start talking to me again soon or it will not be entered in the county fair in mid August.
Mr. Kitty needs prepped for the county fair also. He won't take but an afternoon to revamp and be ready to shine again.

My eldest son gave me a bag of money! We are talking a big bag of money! It us real United States money that has been taken out of circulation and destroyed by shredding it. I was tickled pink to get a bag of shredded money! The boy said he found it at a yard sale for a quarter! I have trained the boy well! He knows art fodder when he sees it! 

That's all from me today.
You all be good to one another!
It matters!

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