03 July 2013

FP7 Update and some New Endeavors

Hello Readers!

I really don't have an update to fp7, just a picture showing you the update I made last post. This time you will get to see the blue glitter paint, the puffy lavendar paint and the yellow rocks.

Fp7 has not been speaking loudly to me since I came home from my son's house. 

I have been working on a new braiding technique that has proven useful for elements of fp7.

5/8 inch woven white ribbon

chipboard box cut into 1/4 inch(+/-)

pink crepe paper
the bottom one is braided, the other one crocheted and the thin string is just twisted tightly

1 inch green satin ribbon
1/8 inch yellow satin ribbon
and the whole pile just to see how different they all look. I'm pretty sure more of these will be made. Especially more of the chipboard.
The crepe paper is really hard to work with but it makes a pretty good 'bad' braid to make it look more organic. 
This braid is a really pretty braid when you make it with ribbon. The very first one I made is the white one. It's the nicest looking one of all of these. It looks complicated but it's a very easy braid to do.

I bought a felting needle while I was away at my son's house.
I dragged out the wool roving I bought at the State Fair last September and dragged out some small pieces of wool sweater material leftover from making monsters and I made a couple of critters.

This little cat is all wonky but I think he's still rather cute. He is my second endeavor into needle felting. 

The black spots are from a sweater that wasn't 100% wool but it still felted alright. Least it seemed to. Cat is a tad larger than I would like to have him, but he'll do. He's about 3 inches tall.

I discovered how to make felted balls! I'm not sure if this thing will end up being a monster of some sort or a snail. At the moment, it is quite questionable if I can pull off either! 

This started out in my head as a lamb. He is my very first try at needle felting.

He looks like a cross between a terrier and a sheep though. So take your pick. Call him whatever you like! I call him Bruce.

I spent quite a few hours playing with wool roving in last 12 hours or so. I forgot to take a picture of the bowl that's sitting on the front porch to dry. It's probably dry by now. I still want to do embroidery on that bowl so you'll see it when that happens.  I'm positive the bowl was not a roaring success, but it was not a total failure either. I need to find myself a bamboo mat for doing the rolling thing that is required for making a successful bowl. 

And this felted surprise will be revealed in a day or two also.

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I am a big fan of experimentation! This thing will be a surprise to me as well cause I have no idea how it will turn out! As I'm typing this post, that thing is in the washing machine with my weekly laundry. I've been promised I will not be disappointed!

Fish were on the brain yesterday and the muse said, "Let's make a mess on the kitchen counter." I can never refuse that muse's demands. So I dragged out the newspaper, some acrylic paints and these fishes on brown paper from a grocery sack. They're drawn in a big fat black sharpie. 
I've already began the next phase of these fishes. You'll be seeing them again soon. I think eventually they will end up as cover pictures on handmade books.

I acquired 2 whole skeins of this Aunt Lydia's rug yarn. Acrylic yarn. I made this tiny pom pom with a dinner fork. Not sure what I will do with that yarn. One skein of it is rather tangled. Monster hair probably. More pom poms, maybe. Will see if this thing 'fits' on fp7. If it does, I'll make more. If it doesn't, I won't.

Tippy is practicing for Halloween.  She had been asleep on this chair in the livingroom and while I was taking pictures for this post I snuck up on her and woke her up. She had just yawned when I took this picture. There's a delay of about a second on my camera and I missed the huge yawn she gave me.
Cats can open their mouths very wide!

Fred has no idea the green pig demon is after him! 

And I leave you with the cut wheatfield north of the house. I thankful for the heat when they cut the field cause I had the house shut up, the A/C on and all that wheat chaff that blew EVERYWHERE didn't come in the house at all! I always pray the wind will be blowing from the south towards the north, but it did not cooperate last Thursday when they cut the field. There were three combines on that field cutting away. Took them less than four hours to cut the whole thing. It's a very large field!  

That's about all I know today!
Be good to one another!
It matters!

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