02 January 2014

Busy Hands

Happy New Year, Readers!

2014 has started out on a very productive note in the art department. My muse is on fire! On the 31st of December the muse said, "We have work to do!" I've been busy ever since!

We did a few ATCs. All in markers. No rhyme or reason to the subject matters.

Butterfly Mask

Ellie's New Day

Ginger Cat
This one started out being a fox but it went awry and ended up being a cat (of sorts). 

Green Owl

Purple Angel Fish

I have a big box of yarn and strings and things of that nature sitting in the corner of my livingroom. My mother keeps bringing me strings and things, filling that box to the brim. There were a number of different colors of thick macrame cord and the size J crochet hook appeared from nowhere. Hadn't seen it in ages. I sat in my recliner, with my feet up, the cat asleep on the foot rest and my tablet showing me a Harvard lecture about Cooking and Science while I spent about an hour and half crocheting the buff colored basket in the picture below.

That basket is about 10 inches tall and 7 inches across the top. 
The rust colored one didn't take much longer than the first one. It is about 8 inches tall and 7 inches across the top.

In the next two days....Wednesday and Thursday I crocheted 8 baskets and have another one about half done. 

This basket is my favorite color of all of them. It's a braided macrame cord. It says it's five inches wide and I'm guessing it's about 5 inches tall. Nylon ,macrame cord.

Each row of stitching is about an inch wide.

This one is done in the same stitch as all the others but it is turned inside out. Ruler says it's about 4 inches wide and it's probably about 4 inches tall. 
These baskets are quite sturdy! Yet pliable and easily shaped any old way. This one is turned inside out because the burning of the end of the nylon cord didn't look pretty at all. 

Burning of the ends is essential or the cord would unravel.

The color of this one on my monitor is a bit off. It is a pretty peach color, not quite as dark as it looks here. I really like this color too. Nylon macrame cord. Ruler says it's about 6  inches across. I'm guessing it's about 5 inches tall. It's done in the same stitch as the others, single crochet and slip stitch. The three rows at the top are all slip stitches around. I didn't estimate well when I decided it was time to finish it off. I like the rows of slip stitches.

This one is done in a different kind of cord. It's nylon, but not anywhere near as thick as the cord used in the other baskets here. I used a smaller size hook for this one too. Ruler says it's six inches wide and I'm guessing it's about 4 inches tall. I still have cord of this kind left.
All the other baskets here used up my supply of that particular cord. There will be no more baskets made in those colors or cords. 
There's another basket in this batch a few pictures down. No clue why it went out of line .... I do have another basket completely done that hasn't been photographed yet. I finished it a few hours ago. It is the same rust color as the basket shown above of that color. There's a basket in progress being made from a rust colored jute cording. It should be done in the next few days.
I'm sure there will be more macrame cord baskets because I have not totally eliminated my supply of macrame cord. These baskets are sturdy baskets regardless of their size. I have two skeins of some stark white braided macrame cord that I want to make into a larger basket than any I've made thus far. 
I've also put another round or two on the broom bristle coiled basket. No picture of that progress. I'll show you in the next post.

The drawing muse is still around. Actually the muse is all over the playing field these days! I ain't complaining!!!

This goofy dog was drawn out months ago. I colored it in this afternoon.
Beanie Dog

5 Little Flowers

Mouse's House

I got a new tablet for Christmas from my youngest son. (Thank you, RW! 831) I'm sure it's a tough little gadget and can take a little bit of abuse but I really wanted to make a cover for it. 

I'm pleased with the design of it, but the construction needs a bit of improvement. The outer cover is suede from a pair of pants. That stripe of braiding went up the outside of the leg. The leather is glued to some thick chipboard that had a blown up color photograph on it. I have no clue who that old man and woman were but their picture made great bookboards! My mother gave me those photographs. I still have three or four of them.

The inside is thick grey felt. It glued onto the boards as well. 

This cover converts to an easel for the tablet also.

The tablet sticks to the felt by way of five self adhesive velcro dots; hook side only.  I've moved the tablet twice now and the velcro dots do hold the tablet tight to the felt.
The construction of this cover needs a little adjustment for it to work perfectly. I will make those adjustments to the next one I make.

The sewing muse showed up out of nowhere this afternoon.

We whipped out this cute little mouse in about half an hour. He's made of fake fur with a nylon cord tail and embroidery thread whiskers, eyes and nose. He's a bit taller than I'd make him again, but he's cute. He's roughly 6 inches tall. I couldn't get a great picture of the critter. 

This is the last of the macrame cord baskets. Ruler says it's 5 inches wide, I'm guessing 4.5 inches tall. 

In addition to another basket done and waiting for a picture session, I have 5 blind drawing ATCs in the que for pictures too. 

I did a final tally of all the art done in 2013. I always count it. The total was 576. In 2012 I did over 700 pieces of art. I didn't break it down to individual items of art done in 2013. I did do that in 2012. My pea brain just wasn't up to all those numbers at the time I did the tally. I was pleased with the numbers.

Well, thanks for sticking to the end of rambling post! 
As always.....
be good to one another.
it matters

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