18 December 2014

Art Dolls, A Finished Fish Picture , Some Drawings and a Bunch of Birds

Hello Readers!

It snowed last night. It all melted today. It is cold as the dickens out there though!

This morning when I got up there were dozens of little black birds in the front yard, sitting in the trees and scattered heavily across the roof of the burnt house. I'm guessing there were upwards of a couple a hundred of them. They aren't necessarily blackbirds, just black birds of some variety. 
Murray saw them!

This is the only picture I got of them. I was going to quietly open the door to get a better picture of them but a big truck went by on the highway and they all flew off! I really wanted a picture of them standing on the roof of the burnt house. It was so crowded with birds, they could hardly move around! And the trees were full too! I saw them all later sitting along the high wires between my house and Sister Susan's house next door. All lined up in a row. The phone was on the charger so no picture of that spectacle! What the heck are all these little black birds eating? I'm glad to see them, but why didn't they fly away to warmer parts? I wouldn't let the kitties out until after the birds flew off. That was about noon, it's now almost 11 pm and that dang Murray cat still hasn't come home. Dang fool critter will be gone for a couple days.

4 down, 32 to go. That would be 3 x 5.5 inch marker drawings on cardstock.

The Colorful Robot

Big Eyed Fishes

Apparently I have my act together somewhat tonight. Here's that fish picture with its fishes attached.

The fishes are done in fingernail polish on cardstock.  This canvas is not very big. 11 x 14? I don't think I ever measured it to be honest. Somewhere around 11 x 14 inches.
I'll be doing another fish picture before long.

I made this wild thing the other night. It's the front of the envelope Nanner will get her goodies in! It's very strange and I really have no clue who that fella is nor just where he came from. He's a happy fella though!

I'm pretty sure the mohawk was inspired by
this kid. My youngest son. He was on my mind all day yesterday when I did this painting/drawing. This is as close as he ever came to having a yellow mohawk and I doubt the boy's ever worn a striped robe of any sort! RW was about 17 in this picture, taken I believe sometime in 2002 or 2003. At any rate, I do believe that crazy envie was a result of this here boy being on my mind. Thankfully he's outgrown his rebel teenage years! I don't know how either one of us survived that!  He's a responsible 30 yr old now.

And here's that ATC I said I would take a picture of.

Green Eyes

I showed you all a bucket of junk in the last post. I dragged out the glue gun and played with some of that junk.

I sorted out the junk in the bucket and gathered a few other containers of little art fodder from the cutting room. I had stuff scattered all over the kitchen table. I tried not to drag out too much other than the stuff in the bucket cause my goal was to use up some of the stuff in the bucket.
I accomplished that, by the way.... 

Everything but the wooden bead, one of the springs and the ball chain came out of the bucket for this little battery girl. She's about 2.5 inches tall. I didn't really measure any of these, all the measurements are totally guesstimates on my part.

All of this junk came out of one appliance, electronic, dead corded machine of one sort or another. Your guess is as good as mine as to where my brother got some of this stuff.  This one has a large capacitor for a body, rubber stoppers for feet, copper wire, a couple buttons. I have no clue what her arms originally were. There were 8 of those in the bucket. She didn't want to stand by herself so I glued her to a plastic cover of some sort that I found in the bucket too. She's wearing a rubber grommet hat. Everyone's head is a wooden bead. Wooden beads came out of their own container. This one stands about 4 inches tall.

This one is about 3 inches tall. Her capacitor body was originally black but the covering was torn so I did away with it. She has a tiny resistor on top her head. Her silver arm came out of one of the junk containers I brought from the cutting room. The rest of this stuff came out of the bucket.

This one stands about 3 inches tall. Everything but her ball chain hair and her pendant hat came from the bucket. Her arms and hands are all one piece. Should have used these arms on a taller kid.

This one is about 4.5 inches tall. Everything but the pink glass bead, her boobs and the ball chain came out of the bucket. Her boobs are a pair of sterling silver enameled earrings that someone removed the backs from. They make perfect boobs for this little lady! I'm pretty sure all of her components with the exception of the capacitor came from a computer. Her neck and shoulders are plastic doodad out of the bucket too. Her head is a huge wooden bead.

This one is about 3.5 inches tall. She's holding a tiny wooden pencil in her hand. Her hair is thread fine copper wire. All of her came out of the bucket, even her hair.

This guy is my favorite one! He's about 6 inches tall. His feet are Ken's tennis shoes, legs are bullet casings, his hips are a plastic gear, his body a capacitor, his arms are springs, his neck is a plastic lid from a tube of something and his hair is copper wire. He's wearing a motherboard necklace and has a rainbow heart made from glass on his chest. 
I ran out of capacitors big enough to make people out of. I'll pack up all the junk and drag it out again one day. I'm thinking I need to make a junk picture on one of those many canvasses I have in the cutting room. We'll see. 

I made another aluminum bird. The larger one to the back is the one I showed you all in the last post. The red one here is only about an inch and half wide. It's a cute little bird! Wasn't any harder to weave a tiny one than it is to weave a big one!

I made two more photo paper birds too. These are about 2 inches wide.

Cookie baking did not commence today like it was supposed to. I keep telling myself I still have a few days before I need to have those cookies baked and ready to go! Which means I'll be scrambling at the last minute. Happens every time so it really is nothing new. I work best on a deadline! 

That's it for me today. 
Thanks for hanging in there!
be good to one another.
It matters!

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Ha ha...I like how you set up the reveal on the mo-hawk pic. :D

Luv the bots! Gee even junk bots have nicer roundy boobs than me! :/ LOL!