18 March 2015

A Very Large Basket and Some Little Books

Hello Readers!
It will be a short post today. Any minute the phone is going to ring and I will have to be ready to go in five minutes.
So, let's get at it!

I showed you all this basket a couple posts back when it was only a few inches tall. 
It is sitting in my recliner in this picture so that gives you a better idea of how large it is! It is every bit as large as a laundry basket.

I like that is large, but it's a bit floppy around the top. I think had I made it a few inches shorter it would be a better basket. I'm pleased with the outcome nonetheless. 
I still haven't got to use my new crochet hook properly though so another basket made as this one is, will be in the works just as soon as I tear enough fabric strips to get it started. This one is made from a pair of drapes. The next one will probably be made from sheets.

And as usual, there are a few books to show. This one is made with cereal chipboard, an old map of Kansas, computer paper pages and green embroidery thread.

It is five by six inches. This one shows the town of Greensburg on the cover. Greensburg is famous for a tornado that wiped out the entire town! There were only a few buildings left standing once the tornado went through. I believe that happened in 2005. I might be wrong on the date....at any rate they rebuilt the town. It's now known as a totally green city. Meaning they used environmentally friendly materials in rebuilding the town. 
I have never personally been to Greensburg. I'll try to hawk this little book in the gift shop in Lucas.

I played around with the acrylic paints the other day and did a bunch of these covers. This one has two signatures, sewn in the pamphlet stitch with yellow embroidery thread.
I'll show you all the other paintings as they turn into book covers.

I needed a new day book so I made a weekly planner from seven sheets of paper and some chipboard. The drawing on the front was done a few years back. It's sewn together with nylon cord. I folded each of the seven sheets of copy paper into a little booklet before putting them inside the cover. It's a very simple book that worked great for the purpose it was made for. I've already filled this book with my daily ramblings and lists.

And I made a new one for this week out of some of that playing with paint session covers. It's made the same way as the other book but I didn't cover the cover with clear packing tape on this one like I did on the other one. And I wrapped the excess string around the threads on the outside of the spine. This book is a bit larger than the other one, but the pages are the same size.

I have three more things done but I can't show them to you yet as others will be getting those surprises and I'd like to keep them surprises until they arrive!
Better make that four things I have to show. I didn't take a picture of the little map bird I made earlier today so you'll see it in the next post. 

Have yourselves a wonderful!
Thanks for reading!
be good to one another!
It matters, truly, it matters!

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A Mynah Production said...

That basket must have taken forever....great works as always. I am impressed that you are using your last five minutes to do a blog post before you leave for the day! You fit something in every minute.....:)