05 July 2015

Update on Milo and some glittery fishes

Hello Readers!

I am fighting with my keyboard today. I had a root beer float yesterday and Miss Lola cat spilled it all over my desk, keyboard included! Got some sticky keys now. Looks like a new keyboard is in my near future! That's OK though. I needed a reason to clean off my desk anyway!
I do not have another keyboard laying around so this one will have to suffice for today.

I took a walk out to the milo field a few days ago to take a picture or two of those sprouts that are no longer sprouts, but actual plants now. They certainly look like milo to me! 

Questions were posed as to just what the heck milo is, so I will try to answer those questions as we go along.

Milo is actually grain sorghum. Commercial sorghum according to Wikipedia. 
It originates from Africa and is mainly grown by subsistence farmers in undeveloped nations. The United States is fourth in production world wide. In the US it is used mainly as animal feed but iin other countries people it as well.

Reading about milo this morning, I learned that the seeds can be popped like popcorn. I will have to try that come September when it's time to harvest! 

In the United States milo is also used to make bio-fuel.

Here's the link to wikipedia so you can read about it yourself.

  All pictures in this post were taken on the 25th of June.
 Certainly looks like milo to me!
 The plants are about a foot tall now.
 Dead center, atop the hill in this picture is a metal bull sculpture. That's the milo field just north of my house. The same milo field you'll see each time I do an update. I don't remember ever pointing out the metal bull sculptures I can see from my house. There are two of them. This one in the picture is to the east edge of the field and the other bull is to the west. The west one is farther away than the east one. I have no idea who put them there. They've been there for about 15 years or so. A couple years after the bulls were erected, my nephew, Justin, and another boy (I don't remember his name) trekked to the top of that hill to take a close up look at that bull. It stands about 15 feet tall. It's made from quarter inch plate steel. It has a frame work on the backside of more steel so it stands upright. There is no way I could ever make that trek again! I zoomed in as far as I could, standing on the edge of the field. That bull is a LONG way away! 

I walked around the yard, taking pictures of random thing that you all will get to read about! 
There were two of these butterflies on the elm tree in the front yard. This one kindly let me photograph him/her, not sure which, from many different angles.
There are tons of this kind of butterfly in my yard.
I discovered this cactus plant out where my propane tank used to sit. Looks as though it's been growing there for a few years. I didn't know I had a cactus growing in the yard. It bloomed. It has one fruit on it. I missed the blooming.
This is the trench where old Fred dog got stuck one night. I took this picture to show the wild horseradish growing beside it. The horseradish would be the dark green things dead center that don't look like grass.
Pears are looking fine.
Lots of pears on the west tree, but the east tree, not so many. This is the west tree.

Some of the pears don't look so good. 
Keep in mind these pear trees are about 40 years old! I don't know how long pear trees produce edible pears.
And the plums don't look much better. I have never held out hope for a good plum crop. Hasn't happened in the 20 years I've lived here, don't suspect a good crop of plums is ever going to happen.
Not looking good at all. I have four plum trees but they are all suckers off the mother tree (which didn't do much good at producing plums either). We had to cut the mother tree down when my new house was delivered after the old house burnt.
This plant should not be left to thrive! It's a sandbur plant.  Mean, wicked plant! Well, its fruit is mean and wicked, especially if you step on one of those burrs!
This is all I have for you in the art department for this post. Glittery fishes. Nothing special. I have glued three of them to a board to make a plaque. It's not finished yet. I want to put a fish quote on it and bling it up a bit. The other three will probably become magnets.

That's it for me this time!
be good to one another!
It matters!

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A Mynah Production said...

I am a nut about things growing outside. I'm constantly trying to figure out what's growing in a field on our long drives to Washington. ...and I always feel the need to tell my family when I do find out what it is...their response is usually, "Uh huh..." LOL!