26 June 2015

Journal pages more than not

Hello Readers!

Today I have some journal pages to show you all. Someone in the envie group over at AFA, I forget who....might of been a couple of someone's....posted some eye candy and tutorials to do with art journaling. I started an art journal sometime last year and it has set under the kitchen table in a box waiting on me to get back to it. There were about five pages done when I started back in on it yesterday. I've shown you those pages here as well as the boatload I've done since yesterday. In order to have enough pages to fill the cover that is already prepared, but not arted up in anyway yet, I will need again as many pages as I have done now.
And technically, those pages are not done. Only the background of the pages is done.

At any rate....here's some journal pages.

The majority of these here start out as a UPS envelope cut to size...i forget what size, but guessing I'd say 14x9 inches or so. I use the fold in the bottom of the envelope for the fold down the middle of the page, so they pages are already folded nice and straight. I cut them with my large guillotine paper cutter. Makes quick work of it! The ones that are not UPS envelopes are cut to size from cereal boxes or manilla file folders.

 I've covered this one with painted newspaper and then drew the flower and leaves with acrylic ink. The black splatters are acrylic ink as well.
 This one, as well as the first one are upside down. My phone refuses to cooperate when taking photos and does just whatever the devil it wants to do. More often than not I have to turn the pictures around. I forgot to do that to these two. There are probably more of them to come just like these.

This page with the upside down rabbit was half done when I discovered it in the box with the rest of the stuff for this journal. The rabbit is a foil wrapper off of last year's Easter candy. You can't see them well any longer, but there are four other foil candy wrappers on this page as well. I pretty much covered them up with acrylic paint. Finger painting. I love getting down and dirty with the paint!

 These two with the circles all over them were also half done when I started back in on this journal. They were covered in newsprint printed in either green or pink, from drug information pamphlets. I added the circles in different shades of wall paint. I covered up all the words, people's faces and anything else that could be identified. Each were given a pale wash of acrylic ink once the paint had dried.
 This one was finished already.
It's a couple of magazine pages of nothing in particular that I drew all over with a black sharpie.
 This one was also finished.
 As was this one.
These two have the same dotted tissue paper on them. The bottom one has nothing but the dotted tissue paper on it. 
The one above has painted magazine pages and other scraps along with the dotted tissue paper.
 This one is remnants of painted newspaper.

 Painted newspaper.
If you've been reading for awhile,  you've seen all these painted newspapers before.
 Painted newspaper.
 Painted newspaper.
This is one of my favorites!
I think this page may end up with a city scape of some sort.
 Painted newspaper trimmings laid out in lines.
 painted newspaper
 painted newspaper
 painted newspaper
 painted newspaper
 painted newspaper trimmings laid out on a diagonal
 painted newspaper
 painted newspaper
 painted newspaper
This one isn't dry yet, so it hasn't been trimmed. It started out as a manilla file folder. I tore some pictures out of a fashion magazine and started layering them on with some punched out stars made of teal color printed newsprint. They pretty much disappeared when I slapped on the yellow paint. Got a little heavier handed with it than I had intended. No biggie! I intend to add a few more stars to it once it dries. There is white tissue paper over most of the background. The people are cut out of magazine paper as are the white hearts. The 'dragonfly' is cut outs of a couple of earrings from the fashion magazine. The red blobs are acrylic ink blown around with a straw.
 I still had a good pile of scraps of painted newspaper so I covered a few chipboard pieces with them.
 The chipboard pieces came from the back of a blister pack that held phone cord. The top two still need the other sides done before they will become little book covers.
 There's Fred Dog, upsidedown--sorry, asleep on the kitchen floor. That which looks like blood smeared on the floor is in fact red acrylic ink. I made a terrible mess when those splatters ended up on the floor. Most of it landed on me! If someone had come along at that point, they'd have thought I'd just murdered someone! It was all over the front of my dress and one of my hands! How only those three little spots ended up on the floor, I do not know. But I am thankful. I wasn't so lucky with the blue ink the other day. I didn't lose as much blue ink, but there's a nice long splatter under the table. Acrylic ink is permanent. My floor will forever have paint spatters. And that's OK with me! :)
 Another painted journal page. Not sure why it's out of order with the rest of them. This one isn't newspaper. It's brown kraft paper. It was all wadded up in a box of stuff I ordered a few months back. Makes great waste paint paper.
This is my newest fish picture #17. I still have not finished #16 but there is nothing that says I have to do them in order. I do believe one of those little glittery fishes will end up on this canvas. No glittery fishes in this post though. I forgot to take their picture again! This fish picture is only 4 x 4 inches. I've used some nail hole patch (which is basically spackling compound), acrylic paint and glitter on it so far. It's going to get a few strings, maybe some beads  and I don't know what all before I can call it done. 
Fish Picture #16 quit talking to me so it's hanging out in the laundry room out of my way. I really need to laundry in the next few days so I'll be looking at it a lot. Maybe the muse will tell me what it needs to be finished. I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see!
That's all for this installment of 'What Has Donna Been Up To?'.  
Thanks for hanging in there to the end!
Be good to one another!
It matters!

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Great pages! I love that you incorporate upcycled bits. :) Ha! Fred dog trying to blend in with the the horror scene! LOL!