03 August 2015

Elephants and Fish

Hello Readers!
As promised yesterday, we have a ton of Ellies and a little fish picture to show off.

I promise there won't be near as many pictures as yesterday and probably not as much commentary either. We will take a look at the milo field and my mystery plant after the art showing!

The muse returned in full force over the weekend. All of these elephants were done between Thursday and Sunday of this past week.
 I have no clue why Blogger decided to change up my pictures. They were all fine in my documents but went wonky when I downloaded them here. I don't know how to remedy this situation so you all will just have to tilt your heads to see them right. 
All but one of the elephants is done in markers on cardstock.
 Some of them better than others.

 These spotted fellas with their bird friends are my personal favorites of all of these.

 This one is collage on cardstock. The elephant is cut freehand out of painted paper. His tusk is a piece of plastic from a frozen concentrated juice can. The pink layer beneath him is a piece of silk glued to cardstock. There's some glitter glue smeared on as well.

 My muse finally tired of elephants after 14 of them.
My latest fish picture finished. This is fish picture #16. It's actually #17 but I wasn't thinking clearly (gee that's a shock!) and wrote #16 on the back when I signed it. So the big fish picture laying on the cabinet in the laundry room has been officially dubbed FP#17. YOu all will get to see it again once I get it finished! And if I'm going to enter it in the fair this year, I better get my butt in gear and get it finished. I'd enter this one but it's a bit small I think. It measures all of 5 x 5 inches.
My paper mache dress form is coming along nicely. It now has a stand! Brother had an old wooden bed frame out on the patio in his wood pile and I requested he take the spindles off of it and give them to me. He got his sledge hammer out and knocked the bed frame apart and I got some wooden spindles. They work great for this project. The spindle is stuck into a styrofoam ball (2.5 inches) and there's a plastic doodad that came off of who knows what. Brother thought it was brass as I stole it out  of his brass bucket in the garage. But it is not brass. It is plastic, painted to look like brass. I attached it to the styrofoam ball with a screw and some hot glue. Then I paper mached the entire ball and end piece. I didn't paper mache the wooden spindle. I just painted the whole shebang with 'skin' colored wall paint. This project is not done yet. The muse is contemplating dress making. More to come on this project at a later date.
I am going to be kidnapped week after next so this will probably not get done for a few weeks unless the muse figures out that dress making business before my kidnapping. It's pretty bad when your kidnappings are arranged affairs! If my granddaughter had her way, I'd live at her house full time. Instead I just get kidnapped on occasion. It has been 7 months since the last kidnapping so it is time for  one.
 Still working on the green and purple bag. I might have it finished before the kidnapping. If not, I'll take it along on the kidnapping and finish it at my son's house.
 The milo is coming along nicely. The heads are beginning to turn brown. They are supposed to do this. This picture was taken on the 30th of July.
 I walked out to the field on the 1st of August.
 The milo heads are still immature at this point. 
There will be regular updates on the milo field.
 My mystery plant is growing fruit! I'm almost certain these are acorn squash.
 I've counted five fruits on the three plants that voluntarily came up by the front porch. There should be more to come if these are indeed acorn squash.
 Mystery plant is growing like a weed! Literally! It just came up all on its own. I water it almost daily. Usually with yesterday's coffee or tea leftovers and the rinse water from washing dishes. It has quite a few flowers on it still so I'm going to assume there will be more fruits set on in the next week or so.

 I have to tell you all about the crazy rooster. This bird is a mess! He thinks the two ducks, Daisy and Max are his hens. He chases them around the yard and tries to mount them both. They run from him and he grabs ahold of tail feathers in his beak to slow the ducks down. I told my brother, who owns these birds, that that crazy rooster needs to go in the stew pot! He's a very confused bird!
He could have his own flock of hens if he weren't so stubborn. Brother got three new hens a few days ago. The old hens want nothing to do with the new hens so if he wanted (or knew how to) he could have the white hens and the black rooster could keep the red hens and the ducks could live without the pestering of this confused crazy rooster who I believe I will call Chester.
And I will leave you today with a picture of Miss Lola keeping an eye on the ducks and the crazy rooster out in the front yard.
Thanks for reading to the end!
Be good to one another! 
It truly does matter!


A Mynah Production said...

Funny to hear about the Rooster/ducks love triangle! ha ha ha! Your Ellie's are fun...I dig the ones that have birds in them too. :)

LindyLu said...

Love the ellies, especially the pink one with long eyelashes. Too cute!
The rooster/duck story made me laugh so hard that my hubs wanted to know what was going on. I love that poor, confused rooster! Great story.