04 September 2015

And September Has Already Began!

Hello Readers! 

It has been awhile since I was here so you all know what that means! Donna will be chatty and there will be a ton of photos to accompany the chatter!

None of the photos are in chronological order. It's hard to remember what day it is sometimes let alone remember what art was done on what day! So we shall just go with the flow and hope it all works out to the best.
 I should have done this blog post when I came home from my last kidnapping better than a week ago. I didn't so now I have to hurry along and get this one done before the next kidnapping commences sometime within the next 24 hours. Probably sooner than 24 hours. The son called earlier, said he was going to go pick his boy up from school and then head my way. Heading my way was thwarted by his wife who wanted to come along on the drive, but wanted son to wait till after supper to make that three hour drive to get my hide. Son wanted to here and home again by 11pm but waiting on wife would put him way behind schedule. So now I'm clueless as to when the kidnapping will occur. Sometime within the next 24...and no clue when the kidnapping will end either.
I love being kidnapped but I sure wish those children of mine would figure out the schedule and clue me in on it ahead of time!

I didn't get any art completed while on my last kidnapping. I made one mug rug that did not get done. I'll take it along on this kidnapping and see if I can finish it. I taught 6 yr old Annie how to sew and she made a mug rug. I sewed on it as well, but she did the bulk of it. No picture of it at this moment. Someone didn't take any pictures that involved art on the last kidnapping. I got a boat load of critter pictures but I don't have time to incorporate them in this post. So maybe next post will be laden with critters. There are many critters at my son's house! Dogs and cats mostly.

At any rate, let's see what Donna has been up to for the past week or so.

This chameleon was painted on some paper from a filter of some sort. The filter is in a fancy schmancy machine at a health center. It's an air filtering machine I do believe. My brother brought home the filter paper because he wanted the aluminum that was between each of the sheets of the filter paper in the filter.
The filter paper reminds me of fiberglass. It takes acrylic paint really well! It also becomes a quite sturdy material for a book cover, which is what the chameleon ended up being. I forget what sort of paper I put in it. Green lined computer paper, I think. Sewn in the long stitch with green embroidery thread. I'm guessing on the measurements....somewhere around 5 x 7 inches. And beings it has 5 signatures, it probably has around 100 pages (counting both sides of the paper). This book was done before I got kidnapped last time.
An embroidered ball.
No rhyme or reason the color scheme or the pattern. I did some new (to me) stitches on this ball. I like how it looks like flowers!
I cut out about 2 dozen or so fishes from cereal box and the like. Some were finished before I got kidnapped but danged if I know where they are now! My mother cleaned the house while I was gone and the fishes have been moved. I just haven't located them yet. I found the unfinished ones. But the ones that I already arted up are MIA. They're somewhere in the kitchen, I'm betting.
That coffee can has a live scorpion in it. I am probably the only person any of you know whose mother would bring them a live scorpion. I took that critter with me on my kidnapping so we could take a good look at him under the microscope. That never happened though.
Milo on 28th August.
 Milo 30th August
Milo 1st September
Another book made from the filter paper. This one has some collage as well as painting on it. I don't know why blogger insists on changing the orientation of some of my pictures randomly.
I did play with the microscope a bit ....this is lamay fabric (That's not how you spell lamee, but you would have read it as lame if I hadn't spelled it phonetically instead).
I have no idea what this is. I was at my sister's house when we played with the microscope and I am not familiar with all of the stuff laying around on her crafting table.
These little purple balls are pretty cool even not viewed at 30x magnification! They are little plastic balls for putting on fingernails.
I was gifted with peanut butter cookies a few days after I came home from my kidnapping. They were tasty and gave me a hankering for more cookies so I baked up a double batch of chocolate chip coconut cookies a few evenings ago. Ended up with almost 13 dozen cookies which I shared with others. The last pan out of the oven was a tad more brown than all the others. Someone was busy painting and ignored the timer a bit too long. Still edible though!
I was busy playing in the paint and glue and what have you while I was baking cookies.
I was working on the book of cats I'm making for 6yr old Annie.
I'm actually working on two books at the same time. One just because and the other for Annie. This kitty was supposed to have gone in the other book...Annie's book, not in the book it ended up in. It's painted with acrylics on newspaper. The books are made from recycled newpaper ads from a Sunday edition of the Hutchinson News. The Flower is collaged, Cut from painted paper and glued in. Just the flower, not the leaves, they're painted on the page.
Another painted page in one of the books.
All of the pages in Annie's book are covered with bits and pieces of newspaper in a single color scheme. This cat was painted directly on the newspaper and the teddy bear is painted on some other paper from the Rooks County Fair book and then cut out and pasted in the other book. The teddy bear is supposed to be Mr. Cuggles, Annie's favorite bear (who has been her favorite bear since she was about 2).

This is what the pages in Annie's book look like before I put anything on them. They aren't all green. They are all different colors, just each page is in one color scheme.
Miss Lola cat refused to give me the time of day for a few days after I got home. I called her name several times trying to get her to turn around and look at me while trying to take her picture. She was having none of that!
Another book cover in the making. Done before I went on my kidnapping. It is done on the filter paper in markers and then I painted it all with some acrylic ink and sprinkled glitter all over it before I covered it all with some varnish.
This is the backside of the book cover in the above picture.
Another book cover in the making. This one is also done on the filter paper. It has scraps of material glued to the the paper. The pink circle is embroidered. It also has some marker and some paint on it. The black circle inside the pink one is paper that has been drawn on with white ink.

 This is the inside of the above the book cover. Again with scraps of fabric glued to the filter paper.
 I drew the cat with the red ball on the right side. Nowhere near the best cat I've ever drawn. The other two cats are from cat food ads. These are the first pages in Annie's book.
 More kitties in Annie's book. All drawn separately on copy paper or black book page paper. Done in markers, cut out and glued into Annie's book. There will be words in this book eventually.
 A bunch of zentangled cats in Annie's book. I did these with my dip pen in marker refill ink. Not a good idea! I painted the cat shapes with gesso before doing the zens. The marker refill ink didn't dry properly so I covered the whole spread with some clear packing tape to keep it from smearing any more than it already had.

 I put these guys together after I came home from my kidnapping. Little books with green lined computer paper in them. Covers are cereal box covered in painted newspaper.
 Here they all are sewn together in green waxed thread in various styles of stitching. The largest of the books is 2x3 inches. The smallest is an inch and half square.
 Another kitty for Annie's book. This one is done in crayon with marker outline. It's done on copy paper. It will get cut put and added to the book. I'll draw some butterflies to go along with it on the spread in Annie's book.
 This one is sideways because when I turned it right side, it was so distorted it looked very strange! Again, done in crayon with marker outline, this time on blank book page paper. I destroyed a cookbook a couple weeks ago.
 Another kitty for Annie's book. This one done in markers on copy paper.
 One more kitty for Annie's book done in crayon with marker outline on book paper.
White kitty done directly on the newsprint paper that has a background of tempera paint, acrylic paint, acrylic ink and pva glue. And gesso. The cat looks more purple in real life than it does in this picture on my monitor.

And last but not least, the rainbow kitties who look like devil cats without their eyes painted. They are in the book now and still don't have their eyes done!

Well, that's about it for the art for this post.
You will see more of Annie's Cat Book and I'm sure there will be some rug mugs and maybe an embroidered ball or two when I come home from my kidnapping this time. I'll be taking the makings for the two with me. I'll also be working on Annie's rug while I'm there. I've been cutting string for the rug since I got home from the last kidnapping. I'm not sure I have enough string for the entire rug yet.

Thanks for stopping by and hanging in there to the end!
Until next time...I really don't know when the next time will be because I have no clue how long that son of mine is planning to keep me....

Be good to one another!
It matters!


A Mynah Production said...

Woman!? Really?! You say that you haven't done much because of your kidnapping...but then you've done more projects than I did probably all year! LOL! I love all of the projects of course. The kitty book...grand that all of the kitties that you art'ed are all so different. The stories of your mom and kidnapping, SO fun. Great post m'deary!

Gemininorn said...

Wow, all those book covers are fantastic!