08 November 2016

Crochet, More Crochet and a bit of Glue

Hello Readers!

Did you go out and vote today? Excellent! At the time of this writing we don't have a new president just yet. I only hope the right candidate wins, though, regardless who takes the reins, America is in for a hell of an awaking! I'm in high hopes we get our first woman President. That would be cool. If the orange idiot becomes president, I don't even want to think about the consequences of that happening. Tomorrow I will deal with the election when I know the outcome of the election.

For now, I want to catch up on all the projects finished since the last time I was here and to show one new project in the works and maybe another also.

Lets get on with this...

 You all saw this one in a previous post before it was completed. It's now done. 
Acrylic yarn with a mother of pearl button. It measures about 4 inches wide and six inches long with a long strap braided on the braiding disk.
 Nothing special. Probably isn't even done yet. Just a tiny basket crocheted from silk cord. This basket is about an inch tall and 2 inches across. I wish I had a boatload of this cord. This stuff is a dream to crochet with! This little basket was an experiment as I had never worked with this type of string before. Don't know what I'll make out of the rest of the ball. Probably a small amulet bag.

bags have been heavy on the muse's mind of late...
 This basket/bag (could be either) is about a foot tall, somewhere around 14 inches square on the bottom. It's crocheted from acrylic yarn in pink and purple, two strands at once.
 This thing took about three hours start to finish. And that's exactly how I made it, in one sitting. It could have been a tad taller.
 The plarn market bag is finished. It is about 14 inches tall, a little over a foot wide and is about 4 inches from front to back. You all will see more plarn bags in the future.
 I seldom buy yarn/string to crochet with but I was in Hobby Lobby last week and they had this raffia yarn on sale for less than 2$ a ball so I bought the three colors, one ball of each, and less than two days later this bag materialized out of thin air! This bag is about 15 inches across, 4 inches front to back and about a foot tall minus the handles. I ran out of green at the tailend of the last row so I will have to figure out how to cover that up. Maybe some flowers crocheted from cotton string? Ma says it is fine just how it is, but I don't think it is. I could just take that last row of green away and end it with blue but I really like the green as the end.
 This is a bag made from a couple of crocheted panels that came with a bunch of yarn someone gave to me. I couldn't find the ends to revert the panels back to yarn so I made a bag out of them. It still needs a handle and the ends sewn in. I think it will get a white leather strap for a handle so it can be worn like a crossbody bag. It's big enough to hold a laptop.

Here's the glue part of this post.
 A little paper mache bowl with the sun and moon inside.
I drew the sun and moon separately from one another, then colored them with markers. I drew them on sheet music. I cut them out and glued them to the inside of the little bowl.
 The outside will get a few more layers of blue tissue paper and then
 these paper stars will be glued to the outside of the bowl.
The bowl measures about 4 inches across and two inches deep. I used a small pyrex bowl covered in tinfoil for the mold.
I have another bowl the same size in the works.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning. By 5 I was busy crocheting. I found a 365 project to work on. 
I started at the beginning...the first one was posted January 1, 2016...I made 11 of them today.
Blogger is messing with my pictures again.
All the granny squares are made with yarn remnants mostly. There will be many more colors involved before it's all said and done with the granny squares.

That's all I have for now on the creative front.

Lotty the possum is still coming round. She had one and a half pieces of peanut butter toast for supper this evening. She was just finishing up her sammich when I came through the livingroom, passed the front door. She saw me and decided the porch wasn't a good place to stay. She didn't leave in a great hurry, just fast enough that my old brain didn't get the camera going in time to get a good picture this evening. Perhaps tomorrow!
I'm gonna sign off with a picture of the giant pile of milo (aka sorghum) at the Co-op in town.

It's pretty,isn't it? It's multicolored like that because of the different varieties of sorghum. Apparently they pile it all together. 

I'll get an update of the wheat field in the next few days. I was going to do that this morning but I put one socked foot on the front porch and did not proceed farther out the door as the rug was sopping wet. It rained all night long. So picture of the wheat field today.

Thanks for reading!
Be kind to one another!
It matters!


A Mynah Production said...

Busy busy woman! As per usual i enjoy seeing all of your creations coming to fruit. The bowl is a little bit different from your usual crafts...great job!

Unknown said...

You are a huge inspiration for me! I love your crafts and that you reuse things and recycled and everything you do is great!