08 November 2016

I've Been Playing with String Again...

Hello Readers!

I changed the header the picture to show off the north field. It sure is green! There's a possibility it will get some snow (gasp!) Friday or Saturday. It's gonna get chilly in my neck of the woods. But as you can see in the picture, it was a gorgeous afternoon today. Got up in the higher 80sF. 
You'll see another picture of the north field later in this post.

As the title suggests I have been playing with string again. Mostly that play has involved crocheting with said string. I'm plowing ahead with the granny square project. You will see a good number of them. I am working on number 51 of 365 at the moment. I had to run off to a birthday party and visit my former cat, Tommy, who is now named Jack so that one didn't get finished in one sitting like all the others. I've actually made 52 granny squares in total. I started the granny square project on the 8th of November this year. I whipped one out without a pattern day before yesterday. It turned out pretty decent for having winged it.
Anyway, if you don't care to see all these granny squares, just scroll right on past them and you'll see playing with string also involved some sewing of felt. Oh and there's a drawing down there also. There would be two drawings but I forgot to take a picture of the card I drew for my sister's birthday today.

Here are the granny squares along with a few words about some of them.

 Some of the them look a tad wonky but once they've been blocked they should be more square.

 This one I need to do a do-over. I didn't do this one exactly right. It will work, but would be much better done correctly.

 I really like this one. I wouldn't want to make a whole passel of them for a blanket though. Those petals took a bit of time to crochet. It is a very nice square though.

 This one above is the one I winged it on. No pattern. I was just happy it turned it out square!
 This is another one I wouldn't make a bunch of for a blanket. Those bullion stitches were bigger pain than the flower petals! This granny has taken the longest of any so far. About an hour.

 Does this look like a heart to you? Yeah, me neither! I got into February and there was a week of heart squares. I didn't do so hot with some of the hearts. I call this one the blue blob square.
 Another heart shape that isn't quite heart shaped. I call this one Ameba square.
 This one kinda resembles a heart. Almost. Looks kinda like a blue kidney bean too though!

 Well you made it through the granny squares. 
There will be more granny squares in the next post. There are four of them in the stack I did today that have yet to be photographed.

 I see blogger is messing with my pictures again....grrrrrr.
I sewed some more brooches.
 I gave this one to my sister for her birthday.
Yesterday was my oldest brother's birthday and in four days it will be another of my sisters' birthday.
 These little things are addictive! I cut out all the pieces for these over the last three days. I sewed them all together in the last two days. I finished them up early afternoon today.
 Ma liked the mushrooms the best.
 I'm kind of partial to the fishes from this batch.
 Three of these brooches have a large safety pin instead of a lapel pin like the other two. Does anyone know what the devil I did with that box of lapel pins? I seem to have hid it from myself.

I did this postcard last night.
 Markers on mat board. The other side is blank at this moment but I intend to do something on it.
 Here's a nice picture of a sleeping cat. Feel free to use Murray as a model for practice drawing. She won't mind at all.
This is the north field on the 14th of November.
 North field 16th of November. 
I took a stroll out to the field to take this one. I didn't actually go out in the field to take this, but close. I didn't feel like getting my sweater covered in dried out weeds so I didn't venture passed those. There are still no cow sightings, unfortunately. I might traipse out into the field if there were cows. Pray for cows! LOL And pray some show up in the north field in the near future. I think cows could be entertaining.

Ma and I went to the Dollar Store before we picked up my sister Susan at her house to go to sister Elaine's birthday party and I noticed the Co-op had covered that giant pile of milo you all saw in the last post. They covered it with a huge sheet of plastic and then vacuumed sealed it to the pile somehow. There's another pile of milo, much smaller than this one, on the other side of this pile that is also covered in plastic. Guess it will sit there until they truck it all off to where ever it is milo is trucked off too. That's whole lot of truckloads of milo!
This is the best I could do sitting in Ma's truck in the parking lot, across the street from the Co-op. 

My sister Susan had a stroke last week. You might include her in your prayers too. A mild one, but she's still a bit wobbly. She's going to physical therapy twice a week and getting better day by day. Doc says a few weeks and she'll be doing much better. I hope so. I had to drive her car to Phillipsburg to the birthday party cause the three of us, Ma, me and her, wouldn't all fit in Ma's truck. And my car was still dead at the time. Susan couldn't drive. Hell, she can barely walk! Though she does alright so long as she uses the walker. She keeps trying to fall over. The walker helps. She says she will graduate to a cane in a couple weeks. She wants me to fancy up her walking stick so she can be hip like me! (I use a fancied up cane myself.)

My car is not dead as I type. I bought it a new battery today. It's been dead for a few weeks now. People been on to me to get a new battery so I have wheels. I really didn't care about having wheels.
Looks like I'll be headed to Nickerson for Thanksgiving. I really don't know what the plans for Turkey Day are. Maybe I'll just sleep through it. I've been in long sleep mode for a few weeks now. I'm babbling now...
Alright! You all have seen enough of me today!
Thanks for hanging in there to the end!

be kind, be good to one another.
It matters!


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