02 April 2008

ATCs requested

Each of the following ATCs was requested or taken on as a challenge presented to me.

Kathryn lives on a boat and collects ATCs of boats. I hope she likes this one! It went out in today's mail, headed for Cyprus.

Katrina is getting this wax crayon flamingo. She already has one of my flamingos. I hope she likes this one. It went out in this morning's mail also. Headed somewhere in Kansas. Shouldn't take it long to get to where it's going!

Dari, I hope will be happy with her 'colorful abstract' rendered in sharpie markers on watercolor paper. It is headed to Washington State.

Chuck dared someone to make him a MacGuyver card. I took him up on that challenge with this collage card. It contains bits and pieces found in the nail box, broken neckchains, tiny light from a Christmas tree ornament, duct tape and various brads holding some of those little doodads to the orange corregated thin cardboard obtained from the packaging for a toy truck. I hope he likes this one. It is headed to Missouri this evening.

This is "Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz". It is headed to Valerie's front door in New Jersey. I hope she likes it.

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