02 April 2008

ongoing fish 4x4s

A couple more book pages done for the Chunky Fish Swap.

Big Blue frontside. It is paper collage. Each color of paper cut out, arranged on the page and glued on. The background is packing foam for mailing heavy things in boxes. I painted it blue with acrylics and then put the dots, and slashes on the coral after the glue had dried.

Big Blue backside. The whole page is attached to a margarita coaster. The backside was painted the same blue as the front side, sans the packing foam, then painted with modge podge and a sheet of lacy black paper laid on while the modge podge was still quite wet. The lable is actually an ATC colored with sharpie markers and my details written on with smaller sharpie marker and glued to the backside of Big Blue.

The Koi Pond frontside. Sharpie markers on watercolor paper, glued to a margarita coaster. I put a thin layer of gold acrylic ink on top of the sharpie markers. I really like this page!

The Koi Pond backside. The maragrita coaster was painted black with acrylics, then a thin layer of gold acrylic paint was applied. I added my details with a fine point sharpie marker. The little painting is done in sharpie markers on watercolor paper, glued to the coaster and a bead of glass paint put around the edges just to keep it firmly attached.

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