02 April 2008

Two more Fishes for the Book

"Gold Fish" frontside. The margarita coaster was painted black in acrylics, then painted with modge podge once it had dried and the green fiberous paper laid down on the modge podge. While that was all drying, I folded an origami fish, cut it in half to give me two fishes and I cut out the coral from the aluminium tray I used on the previous fish sculpture for the Book.

"Gold Fish" backside. Not very pretty. Coaster was painted black with acrylics. That was left to dry and then sponged with hunter green. The orange and purple fish are simply large foam stickers that worked well for my information and are kinda funky! Once the danglies go on this one, it will dress it up a bit.

"Money Fish" frontside. This one is made entirely of things I acquired from others. Terah gave me the coasters for all these fishes, Google gave me the fish, Brenton gave me the shredded money the background is made from, the green ribbon came from an ATC trade as did the green fiber/string. Modge Podge played a heavy role in the creation of this card and I hope it is not too thick for Maggie's machine to punch the holes to bind it in a book. I may keep this card and send another version of it that isn't quite so heavy on the shredded money.

Money Fish backside. Coaster was painted hunter green and sponged with a toned down version of the same color. The fish are foam stickers perfect for my information. Sharpie marker records the details that wouldn't fit on the fish. Danglies will dress this one up as well.

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