01 November 2009

A Bit of Snow, A Bit of Cleaning and A Whole Lot of Me Yapping

First off I must warn you all I have been awake for 29 hours straight and my brain may or may not function to capacity on this post. We will strive for maximum functioning capacity, but I'm really not guaranteeing I can deliver just that!
So, here goes:

It has been a few days since the last post and a few things have occured since that time.
We had snow flurries Thursday morning. I did not witness this snow myself but a reliable source relayed the info to me. All the snow was gone by the time I hauled my hide out of bed for the day. Not sure what the low temps have been....lowest around freezing...we've had a hard frost a couple times already....got down to about 34 last night and then highs today in the high sixties. I'm guessing on those numbers but I think I'm pretty close to the actual numbers.
The farthest I've been from home in five days time is to Pburg with Susan for breakfast on Wednesday?....I think it was Wednesday. Somedays I am lucky to remember my own name let alone what day it is!
Fibro kicked my butt during the first half of the week. The cold weather is to blame for that battle. Danged body of mine can't decide if it is cold that it hates or warmth. No winning the battle with the fibro. I'm still above the grass though so I really am not complaining! I could be so much worse off! I've been into town a couple of times but nowhere else forever it seems.

The garage in the burned house has been enlarged. The garage is attached to the house and Sam tore out the north wall of the garage. The backroom is now part of the garage or the garage is now part of the back room. You can decide.
The back room in the burned house used to house all 38 of my houseplants before the fire killed all but three of them off. That room had a very large double paned plate glass window that covered the whole north wall. That window has been broken since 31 May 2005 when the house burned. I think that window being broke was the hardest part of that morning when fire ate all my belongings. The firemen broke that window with a large metal pipe to let the smoke escape. They broke every single window in that house with the exception of the small window in the front hall. I think they just missed that one or it would have been broken as well. The big hole here the window used to be was covered with wood to keep the weather out of the house though. Sam put in a regular sized window and an outlet for the wood burning stove he is going to hook up in that room. The room used to be open into the kitchen with an archway and Sam closed off the archway and added a door on that wall. I am finally within sight of that workshop I've been talking about for 4 years! I am very excited about that!
Tomorrow Sam will finish up the backdoor and another window in that room on the east end of it. Brother has been a very big help to me with this project. I don't even have to tell him what needs done. He just does it knowing I won't complain about too much of anything. Cause anything is better than the house being just a burned gutted house.
Yesterday Sam mowed down all the tall weeds around the patio, mowed down all the native grasses that have taken over. I want that one stand of native grasses to come back next year. It kinda looks like bamboo but it has tiny skinny stems instead of nice thick stems like any other bamboo I've ever seen. It came up all on its own during the last four years. It turned a lovely shade of brick red when the leaves on the trees started changing colors. Very pretty! Now if we could just eliminate all those damned tumbleweeds! We have a bumper crop of tumbleweeds this year. They are more of a nuisance than anything else. They aren't even really pretty when they are all green and they are down right ugly when they turn brown this time of year. Sam threw the tumbleweeds over the fence into the field outback. I think he's hoping the wind will blow them away from the house....that is not going to happen though cause he threw them on the north side of the fence and the wind is going to be blowing like crazy from the north and will blow them all back onto the patio where they will be stopped dead in their tracks by the wooden privacy fence. Ah well! We'll have ourselves a nice big bonfire once the tumbleweeds end back up on the patio. That is the easiest way to get rid of them...burn them.
We have a very large pile of crap to burn already from the cleaning of the patio and the surrounding yard. Sam says we shouldn't burn on the concrete on the patio but we've always burned the tumbleweeds, pampas grass stalks and other vegetation on the patio in the springtime, or late winter. Course it's been four years since that took place.

Ma came over and we cleaned the livingroom the day before yesterday. Rearranged and took that big table that held my houseplants out. It is now my work table in the cutting room. I went through all the crap that was in that room, boxed up what was to keep and Ma helped me take it all out to the burned house. She vaccuumed and helped me put things away. I'll be working on putting things in their place in the cutting room for weeks to come! It looks so nice in there though. I did a lot of cutting today before Ma showed up to help me clean the little bathroom and my deskroom. The top of this desk is brown! (Hadn't seen the top of this desk in ages!)
Sometime since the last post I've made inchies. There are almost three dozen of them ready to be scanned. That won't happen today though. I'll make more of them before I scan. I have seven ATCs to scan as well for a swap. Sometime before the post office closes tomorrow I must find that purple chunky page and get it in the mail. And if I can't find it, I'll have to make another one and get it in the mail. I have a few ATCs to get into envelopes and off on their journeys to their new homes. I made all the inchies at Susan's house with her and Jerry. Did a dozen of them this morning while I was visiting with Susan. She got two done in the time I got 12 done! LOL I crank those little babies out!
I won't be doing any drawing in front of this pc anymore though. I moved all my markers to the cutting room so I can do my drawing on that nice big table in there as opposed to the small spot available on this desk.

I have this large picture frame that, at the moment holds 30some presidents. I do believe Carter is the last president represented in this collection. I'm going to take those trading cards of the presidents out of that frame, paint it black (it is red now) and fill it with ATCs so I can hang it on the bare wall in the livingroom. That will take an entire afternoon to complete. It will be fun going through all the ATCs I've recieved in trade for my own ATCs. I'll get a picture of it when it gets done and show you all!

My oldest son and his brood where here earlier. I got to see my granddaughter but I didn't hold her. This prolonged period of awakeness I'm experiencing at the moment has done nothing good for my old body and I ache to the max! My right leg and my arms are on shut down mode now. That baby is growing like a weed and looking more like her daddy every single day! I haven't seen them for better than a week. T had Annabel in a cute little blue dress with white leotards. She was adorable! They stopped in on their way home from Nickerson earlier this evening.

Looks as though they are indeed moving back to Nickerson sometime soon.Probably just after the first of the year. That's a guess on my part. No one has given me a time frame that I remember. RJ says I told the pair of them that I would move down there with them. I vaguely remember that conversation and if memory serves me correctly, I did NOT say I was moving down there with them. I said I would come stay with them occasionally and if they wanted that to happen the only condition I needed was a fenced yard so I could bring Fred with me. Don't know what the heck those kids think I'm going to do with my cats when I go there to stay with them....None of this is set in stone though so it really is irrelevent at the moment. They have two houses down there they are looking at. They will probably move in with T's dad to begin with and go from there. But like I said, none of this is written in stone yet. It was good to see the little ones. Brenton gave me a big ol' hug when they got here. Then he played with Lola Kid and Fred for a bit. Lola wasn't cooperating with being played with and all she wanted to do was bite and scratch. Kittens are mean little devils sometimes!

I made brownies the night before last. Susan and Jerry finished them off last night more or less. I think there are only two left now. I had my fill the night I made them!

If you are wondering WHY I've been awake for almost 30 hours it is because of the fibro. I just can't sleep. I get in bed and just lay there wide awake! I will be heading to my bed pretty soon though cause the old eyeballs are getting heavy and my limbs are shaking as though there is a stiff breeze blowing in this house! That's from lack of sleep...the shaking is. That and I hadn't eaten till just a little while ago all day. Wasn't hungry, was way to busy to stop and make something to eat that I wasn't in the mood for anyway. The kids brought me some roast beef. It was tasty! Filled my belly and I do think sleep will come now.

Perhaps on the next post I will have some pictures for you all. Until then....be good to one another and get yourself as many hugs (and kisses too if you can swing that! :) ) I'm fading fast and I'm afraid if I continue on with the commentary you all will just abandon me! lol So I'll not bore you all any farther tonight. Sleep well!


John said...

Snow flurries? Does that mean snowing?

Wow, it's cold over here as well. Some nights it just hits the low thirties. But at least this year's better than last year when it was already snowing by now.

Donna said...

Hi John,
Yep, snow flurries means it is snowing! All that snow left in a big hurry though...it was gone before the next day was done. We've had beautiful weather for the last week or so. High 60s, low 70s...we even hit 82 degrees one day this past week.
Snow will eventually fall on both of us this winter, my friend. I hope all is well with you!