12 November 2009

Russian Vodka

Before you go looking for something to do with Russian Vodka in this post, this will be the only sentence pretaining to Russian Vodka.

I couldn't think of a title and that's what came to mind. Perhaps I'm in need of 'tying one on'? Probably not though. I haven't been here for 13 days cause I've been asleep a great deal of that time, I've been quite busy when I wasn't asleep and I just didn't have anything that REALLY needed said?
I'm still alive and kicking. I won't complain about my aches and pains. They still exist, still give me fits every day and I endure. The sleep monster, that's another story. I do not understand why this body of mine thinks it needs 16 hours of sleep in one stretch. Nor 12, 14, 11 hours all in one stretch. Headaches accompany the wakefulness from these prolonged bouts of sleep. I've talked to the doctor about this sleeping so long at one time...she says not to worry about it. If my body wants to sleep like that, then sleep it will. Drives me nuts!
I've actually been quite active when I am awake most days. I'm cutting at least three presentation folders a day, making envelopes, doing dishes, laundry, changing the linens on the bed, taking the trash out.... domestic chores. I don't last for any length of time on any job, but it gets done bit by bit.
I spent three hours out in the trailer house shed with Sam and Ma this afternoon. Worked my ass off! Hurt like a big dog now! I will survive though. Three hours of looking in boxes, repacking boxes, throwing crap away, moving constantly.... I am pooped! We did not accomplish an awful lot out there in the grand scheme of it all. There are six rooms in that shed and everyone of those rooms is stacked to the rafters! We got about half the biggest room done. The boxes we stacked by the front door will go to the burnt house in the next few days....Sunday probably. And then we will go make us another load of boxes to take out of the trailer house shed.
The shed is gone when it's empty! Gone! We are tearing it down. I say "we" but I won't actually be doing much of the actual tearing down. Though I will do what I can. This will happen sometime in the spring I am guessing cause it ain't anywhere near empty at the moment!
The weather is fixing to change come Monday. We had upper 70s F today. Never did see the temp anywhere....It was a tad windy, but a beautiful shirt-sleeves day. Weather gurus are saying low 30s (for a high) by Monday.
Will have to start playing butler to that dog and cat again. I've had the front door standing wide open since last week. Usually only in the daytime cause the temps did dip a bit at night but last night that door was open all night long.
I fixed Fred up a sweater to cover his bald belly. He's done with his mange treatment. He looks and feels much better, thank you.
He and that silly kitten, Lola Kidd are quite the pair. Fred has never given up sleeping on my bed. Lola thinks she can sleep atop Fred while he's sleeping atop my bed. A whole dang bed and that kitten is sleeping on Fred.
I knew they'd come to an understanding. Lola thinks Fred is quite alright. She has her own personal wrestling partner in Fred's tail. She's the third kitten to claim Fred's tail as her own. Fred doesn't appear to even realize he has a kitten attached to his tail with teeth and claws engaged.
I think he might be a bit numb in his tail. His tail is quite crooked cause it was ran over with a pickup truck when he was about three months old. Fred ain't a very bright dog, but he's a damned lucky dog!

The yard is minus one of its long standing ornaments. The giant satellite dish is now gone! Thank you, Lord for sending that fella after it! I needed the $20 he gave me for it and I have wanted it gone for quite some time! I love what he's gonna do with that 10 foot fiberglass dish! He's gonna put four legs on it, turned with the bowl pointing down and sit above his big round hay bales out in his field for his cows. He said he bought three of them on Tuesday when he took mine away.
The base it stood on will end up in the junk pile as soon as someone gets the gumption it's going to take to get that sucker to the junk pile.

I haven't scanned all those inchies and the other dozen or so I've done since the last post. I really need to take a few hours and do nothing but inchies a couple times a week to meet the goal. I still need close to 200 of those little devils. I have a little over 8 dozen that need to be scanned. I've done no art to speak of in the last 12 days.

I went to a girls basketball game on Tuesday night with my friends to watch Miss Allison play. The Tigers beat the Ringnecks 28-12. It was a rousing game and I enjoyed it!

I really need to go to bed. I'm closing in on being awake for the last 23 hours. That's how that sleeping business seems to go these days....sleep for a bunch, up for a bunch more. It's crazy and I wish to change it!

You all be good to one another and I shall come show you some inchies next time we meet! Get your hugs!

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