16 November 2009

A Boatload of Inchies and Little Else

The inchie goal is coming along nicely. We are up to 822 completed. I thought there were more than that! Still have a few to complete to hit this goal of 1000 for this year but I don't see any trouble making that goal at all. I'll be making inchies today to add to that goal.
These inchies, all of them were made during October and November. They are all mixed together here where dates are concerned. Just enjoy all the art. I'll shut up and let you look!

I'm dingy today. Not that that is so unusual....I deleted the three sets of these inchies that are at the top of the post. Didn't mean to, but there ya have it....I'm dingy!
I got them back in the post though so all's good.
Hope everyone is having a great Monday! I will come back in the next day or so with more inchies to share and some ATCs as well. I'm working on two ATCs right now that should be in the mail in the next couple of days. A trip to the post office is order whether I get those ATCs done or not. I have important papers to forward to my oldest son. He and his brood moved back to Nickerson....:(. More on that in the next post though.
Go get your hugs!

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