03 May 2010

Another Year Older and None the Worse for the Wear!

Birthday Girl is tired!
I turned 49 on the 2nd of May. I'm still above the green and doing quite OK so I'm not complaining at all about my age! Age is just a number! It's how old you feel inside your head that is important. I still have a sense of wonder. Yeah I wonder if my sense of wonder is me going into my second childhood... You only grow old if you let yourself do so. The hard part is taking your own advice and putting it in action.

Hope your day was excellent! Mine was!
I changed the picture on the top of the page.
I couldn't find the picture that was there, but I found is really cool night picture taken of snow in Feb. Same view, different season.
But then it dawned on me that I could go steal the picture that was there from Naked Heart Studio blog.
It's a bit tiny, but nothing I can do about that!
Thought you all might like to see the same scene.

I did indeed turn 49...round about 4:19 a.m. is the time I was born according to my silver baby spoon in the china hutch. I was just heading to bed about that time in the morning.
There was a wind ding next door at my sister's house with 16 people present. That's a pretty good turn out for my birthday! We had mint ice cream and chocolate brownie cake. It was YUMMY! Mint ice cream is my favorite and you just can't go wrong pairing mint and chocolate together!
My list of pressies:
6 paperback novels from Evelyn
brocade covered box filled with a cut crystal perfume bottle with a dark green glass lid, a book about sisters and some really pretty red organza ribbon tied the box shut from Linda
a pot-bellied, 5 o'clock shadow bearing cartoon man bank, a red heart keychain, a May teacup and saucer set and a bobble head Uncle Sam from Susan
a big rubber skinned mammoth that does something when you put batteries in him, a brass three elephant sphere holder, and a green glass bird of happiness from Ma
a bird feeder from Court and Justin
a set of 100 fibracolor markers and $10 from Aunt Sherry
green from Sam
the pleasure of Rich and his youngun's company
lots of hugs

The guest list:
Aunt Sherry

When I came home from my party, I sat down at my desk and broke out those new markers to see what they could do. Either these are some REALLY magical markers or my muse is on fire! I really like the new markers and what they can accomplish! They play nicely with the Sharpies and the Bic Markers. They have their own storage unit and there's a boatload of them!
Here's what I accomplished with the new markers!
Brown Mushroom
2 May 2010
fibracolor markers and sharpie on recycled cardstock

Green BD Fish
2 May 2010
365 Project #123
fibracolor markers on recycled cardstock

Red Koi
2 May 2010
365 Project # 124
fibracolor markers on recycled cardstock.

I really do like my new markers!

I know better than to eat processed meat... I ate three hotdogs earlier and my head is killing me now! Those damn nitrates don't like me at all! I don't generally even like the taste of hotdogs or bologna but I have cravings for them and I cave on occasion. And every time I do cave.... I pay for it with a killer headache. Why must I put myself through such knowing full-well what will happen in the long run?
A nap will cure the headache!

You all have a marvelous Monday and try to make the following days even better!
Get your hugs and give some somewhere along your journey today.

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soulbrush said...

ooooh happy boifday youngster. and on our 35th wedding anniversary too...such a wonderful party and lotsa presents and lotsa love all round. lucky you. now what new markers did you get? let me know please they are great.