21 January 2011

weaving, ATCs, a chunky page in the making and some chatter as usual

hey everyone!
More art to show for my efforts. I really need to get busy on those bowls and finish them. They aren't very interesting at the moment! Big deal they're made from 45s! Purple bowls aren't all that cool!
The muse has been in attendance, that's for sure! And we are quite fond of our markers in this marathon drawing period.
There are two ATCs sitting on the desk that you won't get to see till the next post. That's how busy we've been with the markers.
Enjoy the show!

Morning Coffee
4x4 in drawing
markers on cardstock
This isn't really a chunky page yet...it's just a piece of thin cardstock with a drawing on it! One day it will graduate to Chunky Page status.

Altered Key
I forgot to show you this one with the last post. Or I may be losing my mind again it IS in the last post....either way...here it is. It's much nicer in person! This one too hangs on my fridge!

markers on cardstock

Sal is drawn from a photograph I found with a news article about a cat in Boston who was called to jury duty. Sal's owners listed him on thier census forms as a family pet but he got a jury summons just this past week or so....the courts don't seem to care if Sal is a cat or not...he is to show up in court! His owner says if that mess isn't straightened out by the time he is to show up in court, he will do just that! This picture really looks little like the photograph, but I am pleased with it nonetheless! Sal will be heading to California in a few days.

Magazine Paper Weaving
6 inches by 10 inches
Do you remember the paper chains you made when you were in high school? The ones made from gum wrappers? That's what this is. Magazine paper cut to a rectangle 4.5 inches by 2 inches and then folded and interlocked with one another. then it's sewn together to form a mat anysize you desire! I first seen the technique when I ran across some purses made of it. I couldn't find a tutorial to teach me how to sew the chains together until the other day I ran across this one:
This is part 2 but if you already know how to fold and link the chains this is the one you want. If you don't know how to fold and link paper chains, then watch the first video. I don't recall just how well this girl teaches one to do that, so if she doesn't do it for you, then search around on youtube, there are many videos over there on this technique.
I cut my magazine pages from magazine that had similar weight papers. I used the guillotine cutter. Folding the links is a very boring, mindless task. One can easily fold them without having to pay attention too much. I watched many many episodes of Chicago Hope and a number of documentaries on hulu while folding the links. The results are quite impressive. And quite heavy considering they're nothing more than paper and string.!  You'll need to make a special needle for this sewing. An old plastic card, credit card sort, a pair of scissors and something to make a hole large enough for your thread, in the end of your new needle. Cut the credit card just under half an inch wide, taper one end of the slice you've cut from the short end of the credit card and put a hole in the opposite end. Thread your needle and you are ready to sew together a mat of paper chain! If your needle is too wide, trim a bit off.
It is very easy to learn and to do. It is a very time consuming project though, I will warn you that!

Rainy Day
markers on cardstock
People seem to be creeping into my art at the moment. I need practice on people so this is a good thing! I'm OK with this one. It's by no means perfect but it was fun to draw and I learned that yellow coats are ugly! The more folks in the crowd I draw, the more they'll actually start looking like folks!

markers on cardstock
I like how the middle of the pillow turned out....Jack ain't such a great looking cat! Hey, he's traveling on though! I forget just where he's going...Oklahoma? Florida? Not sure...could be Oregon! Someone fell in love and off he's going to join them!

That's all I got today people!

I'll be starting another Books I've Read list. I have yet to read any books completely through this year. I didn't make my goal of 50 for last year either! That's the goal again this year....50. Third year for it must be charm, yes? I didn't hit in 2009 either. I'm working on the first book.

Go get your hugs! Call someone you've not talked to for a long time!
Be good to one another! It matters!
Peace, my friends!

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