09 January 2011

A week and a day into the new year already

Hello Readers!
It has been awhile since I showed up on the blog! Life got in the way! That's not a bad thing by the way, usually means I'm actually living life!
I have been busy with artwork so far this year!
The 365 Project is in full swing with a few changes to the 'rules'. There really aren't many rules in the first place though! This year instead of only ATCs it's been expanded to include any kind of art! This pleases me no end! I do love some variety in the art making department as witnessed by the following photos of the art produced since the last post. Some of the art done since then isn't shown though cause I buried it in the files for last year and I really don't feel like going hunting for it at the moment!
So, enjoy what I haven't buried yet!

4x6x4 inch lidded box
I spent the last two weeks of 2010 rolling magazine pages into those sticks! Not a hard job, but it is taxing on the hands! The box itself is made from a game board, taped together with packing tape and then it's covered with sticks made from magazine pages cut to the proper length with scissors. I'm not sure this one is quite done even though I have used it for the 365 Project for 3 January. It does need a knob for the lid and I'm thinking I might paint it a solid color instead of leaving it as is.
I'm also planning a tutorial for this particular project sometime this year.
If I can figure out how to do video...there will be a video tute. If the video doesn't work out (and I really would not hold my breath for it!) then it will be a picture tute. Pictures I can do without much trouble!

Art Bundle #1
I hung this bundle of goodness out in the pear tree on the 6th of January (today is the 9th). It will stay there till six weeks is up. Need to write on the wall calendar what day that will be! I'm hoping the green jute twine holding it in the tree will hold out to the elements that long. Might have to go out there and wire it to the tree branch if the jute starts to look a bit peaked.
And you're asking yourself: Well, OK, but what the hell is it for?
The premise is to put a bunch of art fodder out in the elements and let Mother Nature alter them a bit so you can use them in your own art! In that bundle are a bunch of book pages from my book purging, a little book of Christmas quotes that I tore in half before putting in the bundle, and a bunch of other paper goods and the like. I wrapped it all up with the jute twine and put it in an onion bag to hold it all together.
Once it has 'brewed' for the allotted time, I'll do something with the stuff in the bundle. There will be a post about that when it comes time.
Art Bundle is for 5 January in the 365 Project.

Blue Ballerina Paper Doll
I found this template on the interwebs, printed it off on the printer, cut it out of cardstock and prettied it up with markers. I made three of these.

Purple Ballerina Paper Doll
I think I put the blue ballerina's feet on backwards. Not shown is the Pink Ballerina Paper Doll used for 1 January in the 365 Project. I buried her in last year's files cause she was made on the 31st of Dec.
I'm fairly certain there will be more paper dolls done in 2011.

Pins and Needles
Not a pretty ATC by any stretch of the imagination but it does pretty much say what my left hand has been feeling like for weeks!

Coca Cola Book
Linda's birthday present! Sure hope she doesn't read this blog! Her birthday isn't till the 24th!
Book is made from a game board for the covers. I cut up two Coke cans for the front and back covers and attached the cans with metal foil tape. The book block is a new endeavor for me. Never sewed a book quite like this one before. It has manilla drawing paper for pages, 72 of them. It is 6x4.5 inches. I think my sister will like it quite well!
I made her a couple of Coca Cola bottle cap kids on Christmas Day. Didn't get their pictures though.
There will be more little books made in 2011 as well.
This is for 6 January for 365 Project

Harmony with the Fishes
markers on cardstock

Littleton Monster
markers on cardstock
I stole this idea from a rubber stamped ATC I saw somewhere on the interwebs. The girl who made that ATC lives in Littleton, therefore its title!

Mr. Einstein
markers on cardstock
I seem to fall to portraits when nothing else wants to come out of me. I do think the more portraits I draw, the better at them I will get.

markers on cardstock
The old standby....fishes!

Purple Eye
markers on cardstock
This one is for 7 January for 365 Project
I discovered the day I drew this one that PURPLE is the color associated with the Epilepsy Foundation (or something like that....). I like the color purple and probably will do many more pieces of art with my purple markers!

Ugly Blue Bird
markers on cardstock
This is indeed an ugly blue bird! This one was drawn way back in November but was scanned with the rest of these in this post.

Wyzatta Monster
markers on cardstock
I stole this idea from the interwebs as well. I don't remember exactly where I found the critter...he was drawn by someone who lives in Wayzatta, Michigan (? Not sure the state.) but I spelled it wrong on the back of the card when I signed it so he's now the Wyzatta Monster instead!

Some people would say that stealing ideas is wrong! I say it's not wrong! I don't sell those ideas, I only use them to practice my drawing skills. and if you could see the originals next to mine, you'd say I need all the practice I can get!

Love is foolish
Chunky Page
This one started out as a chipboard base upon which I glued handmade paper and wrote out the text. The word LOVE is chipboard letters colored with sharpie and then painted with irredescent glitter paint. The danglies are rounds and a heart cut from a 45rpm record tied to black hemp cord. On the back (which I did not scan) is a large teardrop shaped black stone and my information.
This one is for 9 January for 365 Project.

Still cranking out the Tree of Life Pendants. This one was made on the 8th of January while waiting for pizza to cook. My sister invited me to supper and I needed to make her a hook for the Tree of Life pendant I gave to her for Christmas, so I took my wire supplies to her house to do that. The circle was already made for this TOL and the wires were attached, all I had to do was add the beads and tie them off.
This is for 8 January for 365 Project.

Here we have a few things I've completed since the beginning of the year. Starting at the left hand top corner is the tree of life you just read about. Along the top shelf are three magnets. The star was made by my Daughter-in-law, the other two by me. On the shelf atop the plastic bowl is a 45rpm record that was made into a bowl by putting it in a 250degree oven for a few minutes to soften it up and then formed inside a metal bowl. Those were fun to make! On the right hand side you see a stack of them...I made six in all. Atop the orange tin in the middle of the shelf is a floppy disk book covered with silver foil tape and copper foil tape. It has about 45 pages of lots of different papers; vellum, graph paper, copier paper, ect.

I have other things done already but not scanned yet. You'll get to see those in the next post!

All is well in my world, thankfully! The fibro is kicking my butt royally these days but I am still alive and kicking so I won't complain too loudly!
Remember to smile and be good to one another!

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