09 February 2011

I've been busy

Yes. I have been busy.

A chunky page in the making. The backside of it is just covered in gold paper...not sure where it's headed right now. The bookmark on top of the chunky is cut from a greeting card. I gold leafed the backside but did nothing to the front. I think it needs a gold cord.

This little book is the same size as an ATC...the pages are a quarter inch shorter all around. This one looks good, but the page block didn't glue down like it should have. It'll work, but I've made better books. The covers are an old checker board, unadorned, with red duck tape holding the spine together.

I don't think I showed you all these from December. Not all of them at once anyway.

Three Japanese stab books. Chipboard covers, manilla drawing paper pages, sewn with embroidery thread. I collaged the chipboard covers with magazine pages and glitter. 4x4 inches

Book Pendant
This little book is 1.5 x 2 x 3/4 inches. It's made out of a game board, manilla paper, kraft paper, a brass button, gold string braided into a cord, silver foil tape and copper foil tape. There's a bit of kite string holding the pages together into signatures of three pages each. 15 signatures. It's a FAT LITTLE book!

I have a couple of dotee dolls in the making that I'll show you all next time!
Be good to one another. Throw some smiles around! Get some hugs!
Peace, friends!

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