12 February 2011

paper endeavors...and a mystery revealed

Hey Everybody!
I'm at it again...or still...or whatever. There's been some creativity happening at my house!

Rhett and Scarlett
12 Feb 2011
Collage- background is corregated cardboard from a toy truck package that was already black! White kitty is plain white watercolor paper, red kitty is velvet ribbon. I like how white kitty shows through red kitty. That was an unexpected surprise. Google eyes, silver wire and heart cutouts. Sharpie provided the lines.

12 Feb 2011
Keep in mind that these two ATCs and whole bunch of stuff I can't even show you has already been created today and it is only 8:25 am whilst I type this post!
Collage- again we used the toy truck packaging, white watercolor paper, sharpies, wire, google eyes and our heart punch with the velvet ribbon. That one whisker went wonky after I sat it aside to dry. Must of bumped it or something!

The mystery is revealed.
A while back I was working on a secret project and I could not talk about it. I think I did mention I was working on a secret project though. But if not....well, I was working on this secret project I couldn't talk about cause there were a bunch of other people involved in this secret project as well and we were hoping to surprise one person. Boy! Did we surprise her!

The project was a baby quilt for our expectant yapper, BB. I am not a sewer at all. SEW-ER, not sewer either! lol....Anyway, I can't make proper quilt blocks, never learned how to do that, but everyone else who worked on it did. Most of those ladies have been quilting for years!
My painted kitty still fit in nicely I think. Wish I had a picture of the finished quilt to show you all....will have to see about acquiring one. This is my contribution to Sesame's new wall decor!
It's a picture I found in the book I Am A Little Cat painted in acrylics on a piece of muslin.
BB loved the quilt and it already hangs on the nursery wall. Sesame is due any day now!

Book Pendant #2
10 Feb 2011
Same as the last one. Board game covers, silver and copper metal foil tape, manilla drawing paper pages. This one isn't quite as fat as the first one and didn't need a button closure. The bale is copper wire hand twisted.
I'll be making more of these little guys! They're great for using up little scraps. There are always left-overs when cutting a page block for a book. Most of those left overs are too big to throw away but not near big enough for a big book. I didn't have to really cut the page block for the book pendants. I only had to cut the long lengths into 3 inch lengths and fold them in half for the signatures. I have used up most of the manilla paper scraps from previous books made.

I broke my crop-a-dile again. I was pitchin' a fit about it a few posts back. It didn't like that game board this last go round when it broke. JB Weld isn't as tough as I thought it should be. I'm telling you though, that is one cheaply made tool for the price! It should have been made from tempered steel and it would NEVER break! But that's neither here nor there cause ain't a thing you nor I can do about it.

Girl Book
12 Feb 2011
I started this book on the 11th. Cut the covers, folded the writing paper and put a layer of brown kraft paper on the corregated cardboard cover. I got busy with the collage on the front cover first thing when I got up last night. I do not excell at creating people. I know this. I like to give it a shot every now and then though. And Girl is the result of that shot! She made up of four differnt colors of paper. She is the same four shades of color that the paper inside the covers is. Unlined writing tablet paper in pink, white, orange and lavendar. All shapes with the exception of the hearts are freehand cut with scissors. I used markers for her features and details. The book is 5 signatures, 5 folios for a total of 100 writing surfaces/pages in the book. It's sewn in the coptic stitch with pink embroidery thread. I had to put the whole shebang under the press (two giant books) in the hallway so it would not tay wonky-like. I am pleased with the outcome overall. It's a nicely sewn book if nothing else! Though Girl looks content with her lot in life, yes?
And looky there! The book the kitty came from is what Girl is sitting on.

I told you all there was a bunch more done that I can't even show you. I have a chunky page in the making and have been busy gluing saved papers from the junkpaper drawer together to make big enough papers to be able to fold them in half to make them the size of a regular sheet of copy paper...8.5 x 11 inches. I made 25 sheets big enough to do that, then I cut them down to size so I can make a journal out of them. A hard cover journal with pages made from security envelopes, letters typed on one side of the paper, cool things that have come in the mail that lend themselves to being repurposed. I'm sure the auction company never dreamed their flyers would end up in an altered book! So nice of them to send those lovely pages my way! I'm especially fond of the security envelopes scattered over the pages....so many varieties of those! And again, so nice of those to arrive unbidden in the mailbox on a regular basis! I can't show it to you all today though cause I haven't taken any pictures of it yet.  I'll share in the next post! :)

That's all from me for now. There will be more art made today cause there is a Collage-a-thon going on over at AFA...the links up there in the corner.
Be good to one another. It matters.

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