08 February 2011

a zine is born

I was surfing youtube earlier this evening in search of tutorials for making little pendant books. I missed out on the swap, but there's no rule says I can't make one. The seed has been planted but nothing has come to fruition on that front just yet. Leaves have sprouted on that plant though. There's a tiny book block drying under the ceramic tiles on the shelf in the hallway. Cover is made. End papers ready. Just waiting till tomorrow to put it all together. I want that page block good and dry! I sewed it together while talking to T on the phone earlier in the evening.
I came across this tutorial to make an instant book. One sheet of paper, a book with space on eight pages. I have done five sheets of paper since I got out of bed at 2 this afternoon. It is now almost 4 am the next day.
Here is the proto type for the zine. My first attempt. I started the zine round about 10pm or so.

I just grabbed a sheet of book text out the box on the shelf beside my desk and folded it as the video said. My book is a bit smaller than an ATC for this page, but bigger than the next ones. This page of text came from the book Our Game, that I have altered extensively. This was the last one in that box so I needed some other text pages.
I really am green with envy of all the love in the air in February. 8 February is a day I no longer celebrate, but remember every year with a bit of sadness. Love drifted to another realm leaving me on my own to fend. Love is everywhere and I do feel a great deal of it in my life, but that special love of Valentine's fame, that love escapes me. So I envy you all the intimacy of love. I am as green as a toad!
I could have used copy paper, junk mail, brown paper bag, any ol' kind of paper my heart desired. I wanted text because there is something quite pleasing to my muse to color over words. I've no clue what the heck this story on the following pages is about. I didn't read the text.
There's another swap over at AFA that deals with zines. I believe that is where I found the link to the video actually. I haven't joined that swap. Probably won't because my zine doesn't adhere to the rules in that swap. But I love the idea of a zine!
Why the LOVE 'ZINE? Why not? Everybody needs a little love. We all know of it. I must admit that not all of these designs are my ideas. I troll google images for inspiration. The color pallet is my own. I started off sticking to a few colors for the first page then it progressed to a whole pile of markers by the last one. That last page has a color on it that none of the other pages has.

I trolled quoteland.com for love quotes that seemed appropriate.

Each is a little zine in its own right, but all go together to form a whole as well.
I still have 2 sheets folded for two more issues for volume 1.

We ventured into tatoo art somehow and these emerged. I love the little heart with wings!

I was wrong. There are two colors on this last page that are not on any of the other pages. For the first person who can tell me correctly which two colors those are, I will send you your own zine based on anything you want. Just leave me a comment with a way to get ahold of you in case you have guessed correctly.
These pages make impressive scans but this is what your little book will look like when it is folded.
You don't even need a pair of scissors to make this instant book!

I am going to sew all issues of volume 1 together into a little book. I've got a digital file of each page and can make copies of it so the original will end up on my own bookshelf with the rest of the little books I collect.
I'll be back soon with pictures of the little book in the making. It will have a jump ring so it can be worn as a necklace if one would so choose. I'm still working on what kind of closure it will have. It needs one though.

You all be good to one another. Spread some love around this month....do it on a grander scale than normal! Peace, friends!

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