22 June 2011

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Pictures won't upload into the post.

The font is changed in the editing portion of the site.

I'm a tad bit flustered when things don't go like they are supposed to as to concerning this wretched PC!

Looks like there will not be a little of this, but a whole lot of that!

I'll try again later to do something with pictures for this post. Kinda ruins the whole idea of a post when I had planned a picture post for today! No pictures and the post is pretty well a moot idea!

Maybe later!

1 comment:

soulbrush said...

I hate and loathe Pcs. Mine is my best and worst friend. argh!!!
wordverification is: explogi (well I hope your pc doesn't explogi anytime soon LOL)