27 June 2011

Only Took Five Days to Make it Right!

Last post I was going to show you a picture essay of the pile of junk being baled but the pictures wouldn't load. Today, I could care less about that pile of junk so we will look at the artwork completed since the last post instead!

Cotton Top Dotee

Carnelian and Red Jasper Tree of Life Pendant

Hairy Blue Dotee

Green Velvet Piggy

Green Velvet Owl Dotee

Green Dotee

markers on scrapbook paper

Green Dragon Eye
markers on cardstock

Green Eyed Zen
markers on cardstock

Teasing the Eel #2
markers on cardstock

The beginnings of my newest altered cane! 

Not a whole lot happening in my world unless you want to hear about my newest ailment! 
All is good! My newest ailment is gout. It won't kill me so all is really good!

Thanks for dropping by!
Perhaps the baling of the junk pile will interest me in the near future and you'll get a long picture essay of the process. It is fascinating to me, not so sure it would be to others though. 
Be good to one another! 
It matters!

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