28 September 2011

Finished Birds, A Book and Another Kind of Monster

Hello Readers!

My birds are no longer black and they have legs attached!
Been busy painting today!
I'm very pleased with the result of the bird experiment!
Paper Mache Birds sitting on the kitchen counter.
These little guys are about song bird size...give or take. 
I never claimed to know how to paint birds realistically so my birds don't really represent any one species. 

I love how each of them looks totally different:
size, color, the way they stand on their legs....each an individual for sure!

Next batch of birds I'm going to play around with the tails some. They need to be longer and placed differently. Gonna study up on birds over the next few days and see what else I can come up with in the bird department. Gives me a good reason to drag out that huge animal encyclopedia with all the really cool pictures in it!

The legs were a bit tricky to position on the bird so it would stand on its own. I got lucky and had to take only one bird's legs off and start again after the glue dried. Hopefully no one will notice the two extra holes in that bird's belly! I really don't even remember which bird it was that needed a leg adjustment. It wasn't the red one or the blue one though.

The red one is my favorite of this lot!

This one reminds me of a wren. Only it's a bit bigger than an actual wren.

There will be more birds in the future!

I'm still sewing too. I'm a bit tired of monsters though I still need to make a few more before the year is out and I will make more.
Until then though, I think monsters will be appearing on hot potholders.

Like this guy!
Red Fleece from an old shirt, felt, crewel embroidery thread in a few different colors and quilt batting to give it thickness. There's a round piece of purple fleece on the backside to cover the blue stitches all around the monster on the front side. My youngest son said, "Oh wow, Mom! That's really cool!" Who'd a thunk a 27 year old man would get excited about a potholder? 

And of course a new little book shouldn't surprise you all too much.

This one is made a bit different than the books I normally make. It is ATC size...the covers anyway...the pages are a bit smaller...Made from two stiff chipboard cards from a board game, a piece of book cloth, a bit of scrapbook paper, glue and sparkly star tatoos for the front cover. Pages are orchard paper...5 signatures of 5 sheets sewn in the pamphlet stitch and then glued into the spine of the book. 
These are extremely easy to make but not near as refined as the coptic stitch books. 

I'll return in a few days with more creativity to share.

I hope all is well in your world!
Mine is swimming right along as it should!
Be good to one another!
It matters!!!

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soulbrush said...

Your BIRDS are GREAT, fabulous, phenomenal....wish I had something to offer in exchange for one of them!!! Sooo cute!