01 October 2011

Something to look at....

Hello Everyone!
Yeah, I'm still busy trying to keep up with the muse.
She runs  me ragged some days....

I started this batch on Friday.
It's now Saturday. There's an Art-a-thon going on over at AFA this weekend so there's bound to be more art forthcoming before the weekend is out. 
That is, if all goes according to plan. 
Magnets are always fun to make. I've been playing with lids and doodads for that endeavor. 
And there's always little books to be made.

Three Cats Magnet
This is a Frappacino bottle cap, metal. It has gold foil from a Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cup wrapped and glued to it. There's a couple of silver metal disks glued to the bottom. They were a bonus from the clips I destroyed to steal the magnets from. There's a large polished stone atop the metal disks. Underneath everything and hanging off the edge is a spring that came out of a clock. I wanted to hang something from the end of it, but it's not strong enough to hold anything with any weight to it, so I gave up that notion. The three cats are a button glued to the edge of the lid. Everything is held together with E6000. The lid itself is about 2 inches across.

Tea Party Magnet
I'd been wondering what to do with the little metal pink tea set for a long time now! I paid 29 cents for it at the Goodwill Store some years ago. I was going through the lids in the sack on the counter in the kitchen (that's where I throw ALL lids) and came across this bright green milk carton lid. It makes a perfect table for the tea party. The square in the center is a piece of patterned cardstock. It's all glued together with Tacky Glue. This one is about 1.5 inches across.

Sparkly Blue Bird Watercolor Journal
3x4 inches
The covers are made from recycled chipboard covered in sparkly blue paper (I LOVE this paper! Wish I had more!) with a bird collaged with  fabric paper, cardstock and craft foam.
It would have been much better had I just forgone the bird and left it sparkly IMHO. But it ain't my opinion that matters in the whole scheme of it all. I just make the stuff. It's up to others whether they like it or not. I  just don't think this is a very nice blue bird. He'll do though.

Red Spider Magnet
This is the tray of a matchbox covered in a red napkin. Inside we'll find a chipboard game piece with a 7, an antique wooden red checker piece. small piece of white pipe cleaner, some red sequins, a few red velvet stars, a red gemstone (jasper maybe? not sure what kind of stone), wooden red bead, some dots of red dimensional pain and the spider perched atop the checker is  made from a length of copper wire, a gold metal bead and a red plastic bead. 
2x1 3/8 inches

Purple Book Pendant 
The covers are made from a game board covered in white paper with purple netting glued on top. The inside covers are black. It has 4 signatures of 5 pages each made from lavendar colored writing paper. It is sewn with navy blue crewel embroidery thread. The lanyard holding the book closed is plastic. The bail is copper.
2x1 inches

Palm Tree Magnet
This is a large white plastic lid with a sheet of cardstock glued to the open side of it and all the goodies glued to the cardstock. We have some copper wire, a green glass donut bead, another glass bead, a plastic bead, a wooden bead, some blobs of copper glitter pain, a tiny square of text from a book I destroyed, a puzzle piece tinted green with sharpie and three metal studs pounded into it. A string of green sequins coiled with a blob of copper glitter in the center, there's a green bingo marker with a clear plastic gem on top, a fabric leaf beneath it all, a green gemstone (jadite perhaps?), and another green bingo marker with a plastic palm tree button glued to it.
This one is a bit over 3 inches across.
I rather like it.

Elephant Book Watercolor Journal
3x4 inches
Covers are recycled chipboard from food boxes covered with magazine cutouts on the outside and scrapbook paper on the inside. It's sewn in the coptic stitch (with modifications that I don't know the name of and too hard to explain in a few words) in crewel embroidery thread. It has six sheets of watercolor paper sewn one sheet to a signature. I sent this one off to California.

I did ATCs as well.

Halloween #1 Bat and Pumpkin
markers on book page adhered to recycled chipboard

Halloween #2 Black Cat
markers on book page adhered to recycled chipboard

Halloween #3 Little Devil
Markers on book page adhered to recycled cardstock.

Halloween #4 Mummy
Markers on book page adhered to recycled chipboard

Halloween #5 Monster
Markers on book page adhered to recycled chipboard

I'm sure I'll be back soon with more things to look at.
Be good to one another!

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soulbrush said...

You never cease to amaze me with your innovative art. you are one of a kind for sure!