28 May 2012

Moo, Jellies and Knowledge Holders

Hello Everyone~!

I wish I had more to show for the time it's been since the last post but that is not the case. I finished the plastic canvas box but forgot to take a picture of the finished thing. It wasn't exactly a success. The lid of the box doesn't fit properly. The lid will get a new box made for it and the bottom of the box will get a new lid made for it. One of these days. Can't rightly say just when that might happen.

I made another polish star out of yellow magazine paper. I taught someone how to make the polish stars and the yellow one got put together in that demonstration. 
I also cut a bunch of rounds for more polish stars out of pages of the phone book. White pages, not the yellow ones.

I'm in the process of making another long stitch book. You'll see its twin in this post. Still cutting pages for the second one.

I've had an itching to do some sewing. Monsters will probably make an appearance in the next post.

Moo cards seem to be a hot commodity these days so I made 8 of them.

Marge- acrylics
iris bud-acrylics

red shoe-acrylics
iris bud-acrylics

Bird's Friend
acrylics on recycled chipboard

3 bird seascape
acrylics on recycled chipboard

purple jellyfish
acrylics on recycled chipboard

Blue Jellyfish
acrylics on recycled chipboard
(this jellyfish is really purple but I'd already named the other one purple jellyfish so this one is blue.)

All of my little books need knowledge added!

Wonky picture alert!
Long Stitch Fabric Paper Book
The covers are fabric paper lined with red fleece material. Pages are copy paper. Sewn with crochet cotton. approx. 7 x 5 inches

This is the long stitch book with a twin. The cover is masking paper painted with acrylics. Tyvek is sandwiched between two sheets of the masking paper so the covers are quite strong. The button is leather. This one has copy paper pages, sewn with purple embroidery thread. Roughly 5 inches square.

I've been working on this book for a couple weeks at least. The covers (and the pages) are paper mached chipboard. The circle on the front cover was made by tracing around a cereal bowl in the wet gesso. I used an old CD to make the circle for the painting in the center. It's all painted with acrylics.
The pages are paper mached chipboard. They were mached with masking paper which is paper used for masking painted areas such as door jambs and window frames and such. It's lightweight brown paper, comes on a roll. After maching the pages were all tinted red with calligraphy ink. 
I'm not sure what the binding this one will get is called. It's a new binding to me. Never done it before. I still need to make a template to drill the holes necessary for the binding in the covers and in the 8 pages this book will have. The covers are 8 inch squares and the pages are all 7.5 inches square. 

And that's about it from me today.
There's an athon going on over at AFA so there's bound to be some more art before Monday is over. 

Be good to one another! 
You all know, it really does matter!

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